10 Of The Best Rally Cars For Beginners


10 Of The Best Rally Cars For Beginners
Rallying is one of the oldest forms of motorsport and can trace its origins back to the start of the 20th Century. It continues to enjoy high levels of popularity across all levels of the sport, from the elite World Rally Championship to locally organized grassroots events. The latter category is equally important as the former. While it’s great to watch million-dollar cars barrel down the winding roads of Monte Carlo, entry-level rallying’s accessibility is what helps differentiate it from other popular forms of motorsport.
It’s entirely possible to go rallying on a shoestring budget, provided drivers are careful about what cars they choose. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to buy something cheap, easy to work on, and easy to find for sale in decent condition. It’s also important to make sure a steady supply of parts for the car is available, as crashes are an inevitable part of the sport. Before taking the plunge, it’s also worth checking with an area’s local rallying organization about rules and regulations. Different organizations will have varying safety regulations and class restrictions, but talking to local enthusiasts is also a great way to get tips on what cars are best for local stages.
It can sometimes be cheaper to scour the classifieds for a used rules-qualifying car before building one, but if you’re set on building your own rally monster, these 10 popular models are a great place to start.


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