From the looks of it, the USWNT will not have an easy shot at redemption. After crashing out of the World Cup last year during the Round of 16, the team desperately needs to find their mojo. While their recent success at the CONCACAF Gold Cup might fill fans with hope, the Olympics will be a different ball game!
Former USWNT soccer star Sam Mewis was present alongside Becky Sauerbrunn on the 3rd episode of the Good Vibes podcast. During their interaction, Mewis expressed her concerns about the national team finding themselves in a group of death for the Olympics. The United States has found themselves in Group B alongside Germany and Australia, with the fourth team yet to be determined.
The ex-Manchester City star questioned her co-host for the episode about the groups of the 2024 Paris Olympics, stating, “Is this just three groups of death, Becky? Even when I played in the Olympics. I don’t recall this level of competition. Is the Olympics always like this?”
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Sauerbrunn answered her partner’s concerns as she described her thoughts about the coveted competition. The Portland Thorns star claimed, “It’s always wild because the cadence of the Olympics is wild. You are playing every third game, but then again, you are playing the best of the best every third game. With no real left off, I think it is of all the tournaments that I have played in, I will always say that the Olympics is the most taxing.”
With Emma Hayes set to take over the USWNT alongside Twila Kilgore before the Olympics, seeing what the six-time WSL winner has in store for the team will be fascinating. The tournament could go a long way in restoring faith amongst fans, who have been pretty disappointed with the team’s performances as of late. Well, with Emma Hayes in town, the sprinkle of magic awaits the USWNT!
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Can Emma Hayes work her magic with the USWNT?
The past few years have seen a new wave blow across women’s soccer. Unfortunately, the USWNT has been on the opposite end of the wave. Just five years ago, the United States was irrefutably the best women’s soccer team in the world. Yet, now, there are many challengers to the throne. The latest Ballon d’Or Feminin put a stamp on the fact that only one USWNT player could break into the top 25 women’s soccer player list. Well, it seems like the US Federation has realized the challenge ahead of them, with the higher-ups rolling out the red carpet for Chelsea boss Emma Hayes!
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Hayes’ arrival has the potential to usher the USWNT into a new era. However, expecting positive results from the get-go would be a mistake. The national team is going through a transitional phase after losing some of their top names following their retirements. With the six-time WSL winner regarded as one of the best tactical thinkers, her presence could help the team develop from scratch. The Olympics will be a test of fire for the team, as a win at the decorated event will see the USWNT announce their revival in style!!


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