$400 Million Worth Dale Earnhardt Jr Holds an Insightful Defense Against Criticism of Major Changes in His Media Business


DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA – JANUARY 12: Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the #5 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet, speaks to the Media during the NASCAR Next Gen Test at Daytona International Speedway on January 12, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
NASCAR fans love to hear their favorite drivers share stories and opinions on online portals. That is what makes The Dale Jr Download a resounding hit among American audiences. Entering its 12th season this year, the show is going to come back with a revamped look. The popular show is going to run in the absence of Mike Davis, former co-host and old friend of Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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The development in the show seems to have created ripples among fans. For some, it feels like a massive overhaul that steals some basic things that make the show unique. The stage seems a little deserted without one of the main runners of the show. However, Dale Earnhardt Jr is firm about the changes and believes it would work for the better.
Dale Earnhardt Jr fights off criticism with the inside story
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Being one of the most popular media businesses in NASCAR history, the Dale Jr Download has to keep up with fans’ expectations. In a Reddit post recently shared by a NASCAR fan, we see a detailed scrutiny of what does not feel right in the show. At first, he mentions the overall physical look of the studio, which is okay. Then he goes on to point out the glaring absence of Mike Davis. “The format without Mike is a bit of an issue though, I think. Hearing Jr. doing a monologue really isn’t great. He seems to need someone there to interact with and the two producers sitting off to one side really don’t cut it.”
Dale Earnhardt Jr was quick to respond to this post with a crisp, clear message. He goes on to defend his producers with an inside story. “I like Andrew and Dalton and think they will find their groove. I’ve known Andrew personally since he was a punk kid trying to interview drivers in the garages a decade ago. I think he deserves this opportunity and want it to work.”
Dale admits that it’s a two-way deal: “As one poster said, I’m wrong on some opinions and the other voices in the room need to call that out. I’ve told them that would be our listeners biggest critique if they don’t push back.” Dale further comments on the studio look: “The new studio is a WOP. You find items that give off a good energy and mean something to you and you remove the ones that don’t. Onward!”
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Dale Earnhardt Jr was and stays one of the most influential racers in NASCAR history. Hence, his expired deal with NBC may stir up quite a commotion.
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Dale is off the cuff with no contract yet
Besides sharing his precious experiences on The Dale Jr Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr is also active as a broadcaster. In 2018, he joined the NASCAR on the NBC broadcasting team as a commentator. However, his contract ended last year, and he is not sure where to move next. “I’m currently working through what that looks like for me. I definitely love being in the broadcast booth and want to continue doing that.”
There is time till the NASCAR Cup Series and Xfinity Series broadcast schedule begins in June. One possibility is that Dale may continue his contract for this year, but give way to a free-agent mess in 2025. Then every eminent media company would fight to earn Dale’s invaluable services.
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Dale Jr Download may be facing major changes, but in the presence of its legendary founder, it is sure to keep enthralling fans.
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