’47 Brand Unleashes Full NASCAR Collab Merch Line Starting From Just $30


The NASCAR off-season was filled with essential sponsor announcements, driver moves, and extra-curricular races. However, one announcement that went completely under the radar is NASCAR’s collaboration with apparel brand ’47. The brand has been a popular destination for sporty wearables, providing a different and more popular fashion quotient than its competitors like Fanatics.
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Last week, both parties teased their fans with an announcement of an impending collaboration between ‘two American heritage brands.’ Earlier today, ’47 released NASCAR merchandise on its official website. The collection genuinely differs from what NASCAR fans have experienced with other platforms. The fandom has also expressed its pleasure on social media at NASCAR being able to improve its merch game.
Own merchandised wearables from the new ’47 collection for just $30
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’47’s NASCAR collection is vast. The brand has collaborated with Cup Series drivers to produce trademark wearables, starting with the fandom’s favorite merchandised caps. Besides trucker caps, hitch caps, and clean-up caps, the collection boasts a wide range of T-shirts and hoodies. There are also apparel unrelated to any driver and have an event like the Daytona 500 or NASCAR engraved on it.
The clean-up caps are the easiest merch to own, costing just $30. ’47 Family members will receive exclusive benefits like free shipping, whereas non-members will have to fill their carts with $75 worth of products for free shipping. Orders above $50 can also be paid in installments, keeping in mind the diversity within the NASCAR fanbase.
The Boston-based company received applause from famous NASCAR journalists like Matt Weaver and Austin Konenski. Weaver tweeted his appreciation, writing, “The 47 Brand NASCAR merch is really sharp.”
Konensi highlighted the difference between ’47 and other NASCAR-licensed merchandise sellers, as he tweeted, “For someone who believes NASCAR merch quality is unfortunately very low compared to other sports, this is a relief to see. One step in the right direction.”
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Like Konenski and Weaver, NASCAR fans have also shown their love for the exclusive collection. While some have termed it slightly expensive, its focus on solid colors and simplicity has been well-received.
Fans voice their love for the ’47 collection
The collaboration has received rave reviews across social media. When ’47 announced that it’d link itself with the sport’s sanctioning body a week ago, NASCAR fans on Reddit were excited to see if the iconic brand could do justice to the racing merch or not. Not so surprisingly, it has.
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“I like the fact they have merch that doesn’t have a sponsor on their hat or shirt, just the number and name. That’s all I wanted,” commented a fan on r/NASCAR, signifying the essence of sports merch that isn’t flashy and overloaded with sponsors like a driver’s fire suit.
A William Byron fan revealed for the Hendrick Motorsports partnered Axalta hat and commented, “Well I’ll be damn. Clean NASCAR merch I can just wear anywhere and not feel like an idiot. Thank you 47 brand! That Axalta rope hat is calling my name.”
Another fan hinted that the collection might be better than its counterparts, but is marginally expensive for a sport like NASCAR. He wrote, “Looks alright. Though they all seem a bit expensive for how plain they look,” while another fan noted that the solid color-based merchandise is better looking than the ‘over the top’ ones as he disclosed, “I dig it, and hope they do more of this. It’s nice to have a NASCAR merch option that isn’t entirely over the top.”
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NASCAR’s goal to connect with the younger fans will pay off. After striking deals with another famous brand, Crocs, the sport will experience an increase in viewership very soon.


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