9 MLB Teams with the Most Work to Do Before 2024 Spring Training


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Suzanna Mitchell/San Francisco Giants/Getty Images
2023 Record: 84-78, 3rd in NL East
Notable Signings: None
Notable Trade Additions: INF/OF Vidal Bruján
At this point, one wonders if the true reason the Marlins forced Kim Ng out of her role as general manager was because her plans for the offseason included actually trying.
It’s basically impossible to discuss what Miami has done under new president of baseball operations Peter Bendix. The club has yet to sign even one free agent to a major league contract, and Soler claims he hasn’t even been contacted since filing for free agency:
The Marlins needed a lot of luck to win so many as 84 games last season, and they’re going into 2024 knowing that Sandy Alcantara will miss the whole year recovering from Tommy John surgery. On these grounds, one might argue hitting the pause button is appropriate.
Yet treating 2024 as some kind of bridge year would be a waste, and not just of what could conceivably be Luis Arraez’s last ride with the team. The Marlins have a good young core. If it’s not there to build around, then what is it there for?


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