‘Absolute Worst’: PGA Tour Gets Scrutinized By Analysts and Fans Alike After LIV Golf’s Revolutionary Move


LIV Golf’s partnership with Google is undoubtedly game-changing, and it’s showing. As the Saudi-backed golf league continues to refine its viewing experience, the PGA Tour could not catch up with the breakneck speed of transformations that LIV Golf seems to undertake.
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The PGA Tour has made a deal worth billions with Fenway. It also added to its incentivization program for golfers to come at par with the big bucks that the PIF-led golf enterprise has to offer. But LIV Golf does not seem to let the Tour get one over itself. As their long, impending merger remains on hold, who is the golf world favoring?
PGA Tour going through hardships
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The PGA Tour continues to suffer in its attempts to improve the at-home viewing experience. With lots of hurdles coming in the way of enthusiastic fans as they make attempts to stay up-to-date, surely the Greg Norman-led rival’s new and better methods of broadcasting do not help the Tour’s reputation.
The PGA Tour’s broadcasters are famous for not having perfected the needs of the viewers over the years. With a system that propels frequently changing broadcasters mid-event and a difficult user experience, it has undoubtedly been met with sharp criticism.
In contrast to this, the state of art Google Cloud’s Vertex AI-powered, ‘Any Shot, Any Time’ feature has given a futuristic dimension to the breakaway league. This is something the PGA Tour so clearly lacks.
The groundbreaking feature seems to be LIV Golf’s new way of bettering itself in light of the incentivization happening on the PGA Tour’s end. And it surely seems to be working perfectly in the former’s favor. So what do the fans have to say?
The golf world reacts to LIV Golf’s game-changing move
Fans and analysts were quick to react to the new state of affairs that have surfaced in the golf world. While many fans were seen praising LIV Golf for the changes they have effectively implemented, others were quick to criticize the PGA Tour for its shortcomings and indirectly help LIV Golf’s cause.
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Here are some reactions:
Some fans of the game made sure to present the dichotomy between the viewing experience of the two golf camps and highlighted the difficulties that they face when trying to access the PGA Tour events.
Another analyst did not fail to point out how the PGA Tour barely made it through the money problems LIV Golf inflicted on them, and now this renewed improvement poses another challenge.
One more netizen was quick to announce how LIV Golf’s latest attempts are the future of golf.
Many well-wishers of the golf world were quick to highlight that the majority of fans make use of the at-home viewing experience, which is in dire need of improvement and highlighted the need for changes.
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An X user was quick to share their personal viewing experience and the frustration that came with it!
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All in all, the famous platform was filled with back-to-back reactions from fans throughout the world of golf. What do you think about this new state of golf-world affairs? Share your views in the comments section below
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