After Backing Dwight Howard on Stan Van Gundy Rant, Gilbert Arenas’ Brutal Take On Team USA Draws NBA Champion’s Response


While the FIBA Basketball World Cup started out as promising for the USA, it ended without them winning a medal. In the aftermath of their semi-final loss against Germany, head coach Steve Kerr brought out the response that it was “not 1992 anymore”. The response has led to numerous comments from people, including former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas. The 41-year-old’s rant about the current situation has generated a lot of reactions too, including from 8x All-Star Dwight Howard.
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Dwight Howard’s stand for Arenas’ opinion came only a few weeks after the former Wizards legend himself stood in support of Howard.
Dwight Howard voices his support for Gilbert Arenas’ rant
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A few hours ago, Gilbert Arenas took to his official Instagram account to share a post with his 981000 followers. Taking Kerr, the other coaches, and the overall media into consideration, Arenas criticized the “dumb narrative” that is being spread by them in comparing the current USA roster to the 1992 team.
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“The only thing that we don’t have over 92 is intelligence,” said Arenas during his rant. Arenas mentioned that the 1992 ‘Dream Team‘ was something that was 3/4 composed of renowned NBA players. This was completely different from the current roster, which had fewer ‘stars’.
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The post caught the attention of former Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard. He took to the comments section to write “I’m recruiting the next team,” accompanied by the frowning emoji. From the looks of it, the 37-year-old completely stands with what Arenas stated in his rant.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gilbert Arenas (@no.chill.gil)
Arenas also challenged the Team USA committee to prove that they meant business and “put out the best 12 players in the NBA!” In the caption accompanying the post, Arenas listed down the players he wished to see in his 2024 Dream Team. On his list were players like Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant. Nonetheless, this wasn’t the first time that Arenas and Howard came together.
Finding common ground, Gilbert Arenas once brought out Dwight Howard’s animosity with head coach
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Back in August, Gilbert Arenas brought out another episode of his ‘Gil’s Arena’ podcast. During the same, he touched base on his time with Orlando Magic, which was then being coached by Stan Van Gundy. Arenas had several confrontations with the coach over his guiding skills, accusing him of engaging in dirty talk and allegedly putting down players when there was no need to.
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“I’m like, ‘You shut the f**k up. Sit your a** down, call your plays over there. Don’t talk to these motherfu***s like that,” said Arenas during the interview, recalling his words to the coach.
The former Wizards star then highlighted that the animosity he felt towards the coach was felt by other players like Dwight Howard as well. He recalled how Van Gundy once approached Howard during a game and accused him of having his head in the game. Howard had some not-so-kind words to say about this accusation. “Dwight just said, ‘Man, get you fat a** outta here, do the same s**t I’m doing.’” Arenas revealed.
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What are your thoughts on Gilbert Arenas’ opinion about the Team USA roster, which seems to have the support of Dwight Howard? Let us know in the comments below.


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