After Banning Shedeur Sanders From Certain NFL Destinations, Coach Prime Predicted to “Manipulate” the Draft to Fulfil Son’s Superbowl Dream


Helicopter parenting is something Deion Sanders has been accused of in the past. But is Deion Sanders really that controlling of his kids’ lives or is he just a father trying to make the best possible situation work out for his kids? The question has been the hot take since the nepotism accusations started swirling around. Prime’s recent statement did the job added fuel to that fire, eliciting a myriad of responses.
“Thеrе’s certain citiеs that ain’t gonna happen… It’s gonna be an Eli,” Sanders said, ruling out the possibility of his son joining certain NFL teams in the 2025 Draft. He is expecting his QB son to be the first pick overall in the 2025 NFL Draft, and being Prime, only wants the best for his son, even if it means bending the rules of the draft his way.
Deion Sanders already picked a place for Shedeur?
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Deion Sanders’s statements imply one thing: whichever team Shedeur Sanders will go to would be Prime’s choice. With the experience Sanders has of the Pro-league, he will naturally pick a Super Bowl-winning franchise for his son, one where stardom will follow Shedeur’s Sanders steps on-field, and so will the Super Bowl. Many are speculating the destined team to be the Cowboys, especially since the franchise might need a new QB with their situation with their current QB Dak Prescott.
Ryan Clark, too, was in unison with Coach Prime’s ideology for his son. “I’m Deion Sanders and I do have to power to manipulate the draft. Why wouldn’t I want Shedeur Sanders to go to the team I won a Super Bowl with?” Clark asked in all genuineness. “Why wouldn’t he play for a place that could make anybody a star of anybody who plays that position?” he further added.
The formula would be simple for Prime: Go to Jerry Jones, make Shedeur a Cowboy, let him make a ton of money on-field, even more so on off-field, and make him reach till Super Ball, especially when the franchise would need a new QB next season. A perfect fit, like the last jigsaw piece.
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Dak Prescott’s last season with the Cowboys
After their interactions, it seems that the Cowboys and their QB might ultimately “want out” of the about $60 million per year contract. Prescott has also displayed less and less interest in the contract extension, and so has Jerry Jones. It will set Prescott free to explore other options in the 2025 free agency. For the Cowboys, Jerry Jones will have plenty of fresh starts.
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The ‘not-happening’ contract extension will save Jons the $40 million plus cap hit of Prescott in 2025, while them getting a chance to make another fresh touted QB a ‘Cowboy for Life’. Do you think Shedeur Sanders will be that guy who will be ready to carry the heavy franchise reputation of the Cowboys, who will also benefit, a lot, from the Cowboys’ funds? Drop your thoughts in the comments.


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