After Featuring in NFL Legends’ Hilarious Promo, Olivia Dunne on the “Other Line” of a Spoof Call


Olivia Dunne is back at LSU after a fun-filled summer vacation in Italy. Her glamorous pictures from the recent escapade took everyone’s breath away. Now that she is back, the gymnast has devoted herself to training and preparing for her last NCAA season. Following this, she appeared on ESPN’s ‘ManningCast’ show to try out for a new career prospect. Her interactions with the other 34 celebrities which included the legendary Mike Tyson, left everyone in splits.
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Now, it seems the fun and mischief has followed Olivia Dunne back to the LSU gym. Though Olivia Dunne does not often show her life on campus on social media, she gave her fans a few glimpses of the lively and energetic atmosphere at the LSU gym. Now, her BFF and fellow Tigress Elena Arenas shared a hilarious photo that had everyone in stitches.
Olivia Dunne gives an exclusive look at the lighter side of her regimen
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Olivia Dunne’s only place of solace on the campus of Louisiana State University is the LSU gymnasium, where she trains alongside her teammates. One of those teammates is Elena Arenas, who is also Olivia Dunne’s close-knit friend.
On 5th September, Arenas posted a slew of pictures on her Snapchat story that captivated everyone’s attention. In the first photo on Snapchat, Arenas captured Olivia Dunne in a hilarious pose, holding a banana to her ear as if it were a cell phone. The picture was captioned, “secret’s out it’s @livvy_gymnast”.
The photo intrigued everyone and sparked curiosity among the fans. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model did not let her fans suffer in anticipation for long and uploaded the second half of the picture on her Snapchat.
In the picture, Arenas was holding a banana, just like Olivia Dunne, with the caption reading, “go to @ lena_arenas01 snap to see who’s on the other line”. The fun did not stop there, and Elena Arenas continued to post photos from the day.
Playful moments in the LSU gym
Elena Arenas documented the whole day of their training on her Snapchat story. She began with the breakfast photo, where they ate a protein and carb-rich meal to fuel their intense workout. Then Arenas took a hiatus to rejuvenate to prepare for the challenging day ahead. After the training, she posed alongside Olivia Dunne for a sweaty post-workout selfie.
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At the end of the day, both Arenas and Dunne looked happy with their productive and successful training session.
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Olivia Dunne is in her last year at LSU and will perform her last NCAA season. However, Dunne also made her debut in the ManningCast auditions. She donned her classic LSU purple leotard with her hair cascading down. Livvy faced the Manning brothers’ inquisition.
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Eli Manning curiously inquired, “So what would we know you from?” To which Livvy, with a hint of playful sarcasm, replied, “Have you heard of Tik Tok?” Peyton Manning, attempting to sound well-versed in the digital realm, confidently chimed in with a “Sure.” Amidst all the fun and banter, Dunne is now all girded up to perform her magic on the beam as she preparing for the upcoming NCAA season.
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