After Guiding Canada to Glory, Eugenie Bouchard Pairs Up with Richard Branson for a Unique Tennis Experience


MONTREAL, ON – JULY 24: Eugenie Bouchard of Canada addresses the media during previews of the Rogers Cup at Uniprix Stadium on July 24, 2016 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
This season is when tennis players can rest and prepare for the year ahead. Eugenie Bouchard is no stranger to this. Amidst the lull of the off-season, the 29-year-old Canadian player took some time off and enjoyed a small trip to one of the heavens on earth, Necker Island.
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She made full use of her time at a paradise for all the tennis players. However, she was not alone. She was accompanied by the owner of the island, Richard Branson himself. Not only did the two spend some quality time there, but they also spent some great hours on the tennis courts.
Eugenie Bouchard enjoys her time off the tennis courts with Richard Branson
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In her recent Instagram stories, Eugenie Bouchard shared glimpses of her off-season escapades on the famous Necker Island, owned by none other than the business tycoon Richard Branson himself. Known for its lush greeneries and scenic views, this picturesque retreat became the playground for Bouchard and Branson, as seen in her recent Instagram stories where the duo engaged in tennis-related activities.
Despite their enjoyment, Bouchard humorously shared their defeat in a match. The Necker Island’s allure as a tennis paradise during the off-season provided Bouchard with a unique opportunity to enjoy her time off the tennis courts and indulge in some tennis action.
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Thus, enjoying her time off the tennis courts, Eugenie Bouchard got to engage in a tennis session with the business great Branson. Interestingly, he is known to organize the world’s sexiest tennis tournament on his island, and Bouchard is no stranger to it. She has been a part of the tournament as well.
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Bouchard has featured in Richard Branson’s ‘World Sexiest Tennis Tournament’
In 2018, the Canadian superstar appeared at Necker Island to play in the Necker Cup, which is also described by many as the world’s “sexiest” tennis tournament. Just like the two teamed up in her recent Instagram stories, the two teamed up back then and took on the legendary Bjorn Borg.
“Rematch with Bjorn Borg, this time partnering with Eugenie Bouchard. Got the win,” revealed Branson while talking about his rematch with Borg in the Necker Cup.
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Thus, the island boasts a perfect location for all the players to not only spend some quality time off the tennis courts but also spend some time perfecting their drills. As Eugenie Bouchard spends time on Necker Island, it will be interesting to see if any other player follows her there!
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