After Shannon Sharpe Obliterates LeBron James for His Controversial Miami Take, Gilbert Arenas Sides With ‘The King’


LeBron James is a phenomenal player entering his 21st season in the league. At 38 years old, he is still dominating the sport like he always did. That is why there is a reason he is referred to as “King James”. However, James has always been a topic for debate in the basketball world where some people argue that he is overhyped, while the rest acknowledge him as one of the best players.
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But when LeBron James said his career would be the same if he never went to the Miami Heat, it caused some chaos. While people like Shannon Sharpe completely disagree with James, there is one person who has sided with him, Gilbert Arenas.
Gilbert Arenas explains why James is the King
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LeBron James made a choice in 2010 alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh that sent shockwaves around the NBA. Some perceived this as a “super-team” tactic and harshly condemned it. Whereas other people saw it as an orchestrated decision by a player desperate for an NBA title. However, nobody predicted that LeBron’s move to Miami would forever alter the future of the NBA and the Heat franchise. In 2012 and 2013, LeBron James drove the Miami Heat to two NBA championships, illustrating that winning a title cures everything.
However, recently LeBron James took to social media to talk about this. He said that he’d still be just as dominant if he never went to the Miami Heat. Many people opposed that but Gilbert Arenas agreed with James. “They(Miami Heat) need him, he(LeBron) didn’t need Miami,” said Arenas.
He further went on to talk about the Heat culture and said, “All their championships was bought with generational players. They wasn’t building nothing, they bought a team. Before LeBron got there, first-round loss.”
“Then LeBron and the crew came and then they went to the championship, and then they won the championship, and then they won the championship, and then they went to the championship”. There’s no doubt that LeBron James was instrumental in developing the Miami Heat into a championship team. His basketball IQ, leadership, and unrivaled skill set not only guided the club to win but also established a new benchmark for success in Miami. Then why are Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A Smith against James?
Why doesn’t Sharpe agree with James’ Heat take?
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On a recent edition of ESPN’s “First Take” with Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe, the panel was discussing LeBron’s declaration that he would remain the same player if he had not played for the Miami Heat. Unexpectedly for the very first time, both Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe agreed. And both of them didn’t hold back in dismissing LeBron’s claim as gibberish. “I strenuously disagree with what he said,” Sharpe exclaimed. He said before James joined the Heat, he had two regular-season MVPs and one finals appearance. And due to what transpired in Miami, he won two more finals MVPs, two more regular season MVPs, and went to four straight finals.
So his tenure at the Heat is why James is even included in the GOAT debate is what Sharpe wanted to say. That’s why he was infuriated when James said that his career would be the same even if he did not have the Miami Heat run. After listening to Sharpe’s opinion, Stephen A. Smith hilariously said, “I almost caught a heart attack”. This was one of those rare occasions when in a debate everyone had the same viewpoint.
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What do you think, is LeBron James right for what he said and do you agree with Gilbert Arenas? Or do you think that Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith’s analysis of James’ career is correct? Let us know in the comments below.


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