Ahead of Summer Olympics 2024, USA Gymnastics Team Shares Unfiltered Insights on Paris City


With world champions and Olympics, including some of the biggest names, Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, and Gabby Douglas, vying for a coveted spot, the 2024 Olympics Artistic Gymnastics is going to be a kind event. While some of the gymnasts are gearing up for the Winter Cup Challenge scheduled this month, others are spending quality time at the US National team camp.
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Along the same lines, USA’s gymnasts have managed to come up under the spotlight these days. Recently, the team shared their insights about the picturesque city of Paris ahead of the big Olympic Event. However, these insights are not related to gymnastics, but hint at something else gymnasts are eyeing when they reach Paris.
USA’s gymnasts getting to know Paris better!
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Interestingly, this year is quite nostalgic for Paris as it will be reminiscing its century-old memories when the 1924 Olympic Games were first hosted by the country. Similarly, the gymnasts are gearing up for the big event as well. In a recent interview with Spot Gym, USA’s top gymnasts eyeing the 2024 Paris Olympics shared their insights about the big event commencing on the grounds of the French capital.
While some athletes are gearing up to taste French cuisine, others are hoping to catch a glimpse of mesmerizing views of Paris city. In the same interview, the interviewer asked, “What comes to mind when you hear Paris?” In response to the question, Jordan Chiles said, “Shopping,” pouring hints on her awaited shopping list.
While most of the USA’s Gymnasts highlighted the significance of the Eiffel Tower by saying it was the first thing that comes to their mind when talking about Paris, Jordan Chiles was a standout. However, this was not the only question about Paris asked by Stop Gym to the USA’s gymnasts.
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Is the Olympics the only reason to secure a coveted spot at Olympics 2024?
After knowing the valuable insights about gymnasts, the next question was, “Any French food you can think of?” When visiting France, most people opt for the risk by tasting mouthwatering delicious French cuisines known for their formal techniques, fresh ingredients, and simple flavors that represent the rich and colorful history of France.
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Thus, how can US gymnasts stop themselves from having appetizing cuisine? While Kaliya Lincoln said, “Pasta,” which is not a French food, Shilese Jones extended her answer by saying, “…Crepes. I love Crepes“. Other food mentions included, French onion soup and croissants, among others. Overall, the recent interview was enough to determine that gymnasts are looking forward to Paris not only for the Olympic games but the experience of taking in the French culture.


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