Amidst an Injury Spike for NFL QBs, Rich Eisen Contemplates a Return for Legendary Tom Brady


The factor that made Tom Brady stand out was his availability. It’s not like he was free of injury scares, but those didn’t seem concerning enough for the quarterback. Other than the 2008 season, in which he was forced out by a torn ACL, Brady played every other season in his career fully — a definition of “built differently.” And when he was at his best, it doesn’t need to be mentioned what it meant for the opposition.
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But why is this topic being discussed in 2023, 10 months after he announced his retirement? The NFL has been experiencing a quarterback crisis lately, and some analysts have remembered Brady. However, they also revealed later whether Brady would answer the calls and why.
Rich Eisen imagines Tom Brady back in the NFL
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Talking on the Rich Eisen Show, co-host Chris Brockman suddenly brought Brady into the conversation amid the QB crisis for the Bengals and the Browns. Joe Burrow recently went out of the season with a wrist injury, and DeShaun Watson was already there after two shoulder and high-ankle injuries. There are still over 10 games to be played in the season, seven of which fall in the regular season. Both teams lack experience in the backup department, and the analyst has fancied a situation where Tom Brady could be getting a call.
Brockman initiated the idea for the Bengals before insisting the same for the Browns. “Should they call Tom Brady?” asked Brockman, to which Eisen replied: “Great question. Every team… the Browns should call Tom Brady. They should have already called him. The Browns should have already called Tom Brady. Why not?”
Eisen further teased the idea with a real scenario of why the Browns could be a lucrative destination for Brady if he returned: “That’s the Cleveland Browns on the phone and giving me an opportunity to play with a defense that is as good if not, heaven forbid, better than the one he won the championship with in Tampa.”
Eisen said Brady could be considering it as the Browns’ defense was good enough to win a Super Bowl with a QB like Tom Brady. It’s probably even better than the Buccaneers ‘ defense in 2021, where the QB won his last Super Bowl.
But soon enough, the analysts came back to reality. They cited a few major reasons the call is more complex for Brady than it looks.
Why is it unlikely for Tom Brady to ever come back?
Taking things to reality, Eisen pointed out what if the decision didn’t work out? “Now, there’s photographs of you in a Brown’s uniform, you know you gave it a shot and you know and you were diminished.” The host insisted that the Patriots legend could be harming his legacy. Other than that, Eisen also explained that the QB was past his physical prime, “Clearly, I mean dude, you know somebody who’s 47 now… 46-47, he’s going to come off the couch and do it.” Another one insisted that it would not be worth it if he injured himself in the process: “Imagine Tom Brady accomplishing everything he’s accomplished, fairly healthy, and goes all right, I’ll come out for this team who probably won’t win… And he tears an ACL… Oh man no, that would be awful!”
via Getty GLENDALE, ARIZONA – DECEMBER 25: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers walks onto the field prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on December 25, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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It sounds overwhelming to imagine the GOAT’s return to the league. But it is likely never happening, and the guests on the Rich Eisen show pointed out both sides.
And for the moment, both the Browns and the Bengals have no immediate solution in their hands. While the former will try to use what they have and push for the still-possible playoff spot, the same thought is pretty much over for the latter. Burrow is out for the season, leaving the team 5-5 at the bottom of the AFC North. And a third consecutive playoff spot isn’t coming for them. Not with the defense, probably even if Brady had to come.
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