Andy Murray’s Fighting Spirit Receives Props From Tennis Legend Andy Roddick in a Heart-Felt Tribute


Andy Murray recently lost his epic Miami Open match against Tomas Machac. However, Andy Roddick, a former tennis champion, thinks this gutsy effort only strengthened Murray’s already remarkable ‘legacy’. Murray’s resiliency and determination were evident even though he lost the match and injured his ankle. For Roddick, Murray’s steadfast devotion to the game despite hardship is symbolized by this defeat.
Murray has surmounted several challenges in his career, including setbacks and injuries. His hint towards retiring after the Miami match further added to the appreciation of his game, even though he was defeated. Here’s how Roddick showed his admiration for the British tennis player.
Andy Murray’s ‘compromised version’ is still the best, according to Andy Roddick
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Andy Murray lost to Tomas Machac in a thrilling 5-7, 7-5, 7-6 (5) R32 match to exit the Miami Open. Even after facing various injuries throughout his career, especially the 2019 hip injury, Murray has never let them jeopardize his career. Andy Roddick points out the struggles that Murray faced during the last few years of his career while also appreciating the constant resilience with which he emerged victorious after battling with such physical constraints.
“In a weird way, I think this kind of compromised version of Murray almost adds to his legacy. The way that he has grinded out the last 4-5 years, I certainly respect, and I don’t know if even I could have done that; I don’t know if a lot of us could have done it,” Roddick stated.
After the Miami Open defeat, Murray admitted to this being his last match in the tournament, hinting at a possible retirement soon. Highlighting this aspect, Roddick appreciated Murray, and said, “So props to him if it is the last time we see him in Miami”.
The defeat at the Miami Open was maybe not the best match of Murray’s career, but it surely touched his fans following his announcement of retirement.
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‘Which is sad because I love it here’ – Murray’s last match at the Miami Open
In an unsettling admission, Andy Murray stated that this season, he is ‘looking forward to the end’ of his illustrious career. The 36-year-old player candidly discussed how he is nearing the end of his playing career as he bid a tearful farewell to the competition and the spectators who came to see him one more time. “I wasn’t thinking about all the matches I played. Just more that’s the last match that I am going to play here, which is sad because I love it here,” Murray said after the match.
He further expressed his desire to go deeper into the tournament, which will remain unfulfilled. He said, “I’ve spent so much of my tennis career here, and I would have liked it to have gone on a little bit longer.”
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For many people, including Andy Roddick, his unwavering dedication to excellence is a much bigger marker of his success than any specific match or championship. His perseverance and hard work will motivate generations of players, even after his retirement from tennis.


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