Australian Open Bigwig Hints at Staggering $100 Million Saudi Arabia Proposition Amid Raging Controversy


Saudi Arabia’s ambition to emerge as a big sporting nation is not an untold story. Now that Cristiano Ronaldo has brought much fame to the football arena of the country, tennis is also standing in line, waiting to be the next thing that is going to be a part of the Middle East’s sporting plans. Even though such plans are not free from controversies, the CEO of the Australian Open has hinted at an upcoming collaboration that promises massive prize money.
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Last year, the speculations regarding hosting the WTA Finals in Saudi Arabia were met with a lot of criticism. Eventually, it was hosted in Cancun, Mexico. However, Craig Tiley is not willing to lose any hope, as Saudi Arabia might have returned with a deal that can hardly be refused.
Australian Open CEO’s astonishing take on Saudi Arabia’s involvement in tennis
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As the first tournament of 2024 has been completed, the CEO of the Australian Open recently opened up about his take on the biggest tennis controversy to date. While the debate of whether women’s tennis should move to Saudi Arabia or not is still going on, he recently opened up about how Saudi Arabia is ready to do something bigger than that for the next year.
Craig Tiley recently stated that the Middle Eastern country could possibly host a huge men’s tennis event in January 2025. Not only that, he also shared other intriguing details related to the tournament. Apparently, it could be a $100 million prize money tournament, that would include the top 32 tennis players in the ATP ranking playing in the event.
Saudi Arabia is putting in a lot of money to bring tennis to their home. Half of the tennis world is still debating whether Saudi Arabia is the right place to hold tennis tournaments or not. Moreover, a lot of tennis legends, including Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, shared their strong opinions against having a good WTA tournament in Saudi.
‘Tennis Won’t Be Divided’ – Amid $650 Billion Saudi Arabia Scare, Positive Reassurance Grips Tennis World As Craig Tiley Issues Strong Response
Recently, Princess Reema bint Bandar, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US, stood against them and shared her take on Saudi getting the opportunity to host women’s tennis. Let’s take a look at what the Arabian Ambassador has to say about hosting women’s tennis.
Should Saudi Arabia host the WTA Finals?
while a lot of people, including the big players who made WTA what it is today, are concerned about what will happen to the growth of the sport if it ever moves to Saudi. But now the country’s ambassador to us has criticized the legendary tennis players who seek a ban over the same take.
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She wrote, “Like many women around the world, we looked to the legends of tennis as trailblazers and role models … glimmers of hope that women truly could achieve it all. But these champions have turned their back on the very same women they have inspired and it is beyond disappointing.” Not only that, she also highlighted how the former two tennis players’ views have denigrated the considerable progress of women in Saudi Arabia and how it has evolved as a country.
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Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on Saudi entering into the world of tennis? Do let us know in the comment section below.
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