Black History Month News: Venus Williams’ Exclusion Draws the Ire of Fans in Absurd Tennis Tribute


There is hardly any tennis record that doesn’t mention the legendary sisters, Serena and Venus Williams. Such has been their dominance over the years that they have gone on to become one of the best sibling pairs in modern sporting history. As the month of February kicked in, the tennis world celebrated Black History Month.
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Popular network Tennis Channel honored some of the best Black tennis players. However, the elder Williams sister was nowhere to be seen. This led to angry reactions from the fans.
Serena and Venus Williams have been trailblazers for Black athletes
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The Williams sisters’ impact has not only been limited to the court but also off the court. Renowned American coach, Erik Riley once explained how the two made a massive difference with their presence.
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He said, Venus and Serena showed their greatness and it was respected and revered globally. It wasn’t their skin color; it was their skill that was respected which helps to break down barriers in tennis for all cultures. The walls have been broken down and globally black players have been embraced in tennis.”
Recently, Tennis Chanel paid tribute to Black tennis athletes like Serena Williams and Coco Gauff. However, they failed to mention the elder Williams sister. As a result, fans weren’t happy with her snubbing and lashed out in the comments section.
What did fans say about Williams’ snubbing?
While many questioned why Venus Williams didn’t make it to the list, some fans reacted angrily over her snubbing. One of the fans said, “Yall really have to stop acting as if Venus Williams does not exist.”
Similarly, another Twitter user said, “Fix this tennis channel, let’s not forget that Venus was the first African American woman to be ranked number one in the world.”
Some fans were left guessing on why Williams wasn’t there on the list. One Twitter user asked, “Where is Queen Venus?”
Another fan said, “Where is Venus Williams??? Take this down and try again tomorrow.”
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Finally, one of the fans had a similar question and asked, “Why was Venus Williams excluded from this picture?”
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Meanwhile, the elder Williams sister has kept her fans guessing about her comeback. While she hasn’t announced her retirement yet officially, she hopes to have one last laugh before she calls time on her career.
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