Celebrity, LeBron James, is in Rochester, Minnesota Right Now!


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Another celebrity sighting happened in Southeast Minnesota on Monday, September 11th. It’s actually a celebrity that we saw recently. This time, he is back and he brought another famous friend with him.
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LeBron James Spotted Again in Rochester, Minnesota
About a month ago, my co-worker, Dunken, shared the exciting news that LeBron James was spotted in downtown Rochester, Minnesota. We have a lot of tall people in the Med City but when a guy that tall is spotted walking around Broadway and eating at Terza, he is noticed.
Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers – Game Three LeBron James – Getty Images loading…
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LeBron James is back in town. Not sure when he showed up but this time he brought another famous NBA star, Rui Hachimura. (Just in case professional basketball isn’t your thing, both LeBron James and Rui Hachimura play for the Lakers.)
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers – Game Four Getty Images loading…
Getty Images/Canva Rui Hachimura – Getty Images/Canva loading…
Two NBA Stars Spotted at High School Gym in Rochester, Minnesota
Monday night, Lourdes High School at 2800 19th St NW in Rochester, was the place to catch a glimpse of these two NBA stars. Eric Williams, a resident of Rochester, posted the news and a photo on his Facebook page and said,


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