Chase Elliott Under Fire as His Entitled Career Sees Him Sway Away From Responsibilities to NASCAR


The NASCAR: Full Speed TV series on Netflix has garnered a lot of attention and praise since the release of its first season. But, it did seem amiss without the sport’s one of the most famed professionals, Chase Elliott. He was a major absentee and while he was not part of the playoffs last year, a big name like that would always help with the viewership. Unfortunately, the Hendrick Motorsports driver currently wants nothing to do with the show and has voiced his priorities.
His words have received mixed reactions. Among these, the spotters on the Door Bumper Clear podcast were not thrilled. As per Freddie Kraft and Brett Griffin, taking part in such non-racing activities would only help the sport become more popular in the eyes of the world. So, Elliott taking a step back from such responsibilities was seen as nothing but an act of selfishness.
Not everyone seems satisfied with Chase Elliott’s reason to stay away
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Chase Elliott had said that the reason he did not want to go through with the show was to focus on his racing solely. It has been a tough couple of seasons for the driver of the #9 car and the only thing he wants to concentrate on is getting back to the level at which he used to perform. It’s understandable from a competitor’s standpoint but here’s the thing, every driver has that mentality and they go out and do all this stuff anyway.
Along similar lines, the hosts of the show Door Bumper Clear discussed the issue of Elliott’s non-participation and the reasoning behind it. But, Kraft strongly put forth the narrative of how game is bigger than the player and the reason he did not seem satisfied with Chase Elliott’s answer.
Bubba’s mixed
socks Bubba Wallace wears mismatched socks for good luck. More crazy NASCAR stories on our Newsletter
” I completely understand what Chase is saying but that is not how this game is played. I promise you every driver in the field would like to just solely focus on going fast and solely focus on whatever is gonna make them a better race car driver. But there’s a while other side to this and that is the business side of this motorsports and you can’t just rely on ‘I’m not gonna do that because it’s gonna slow me down on the race track,” Freddie Kraft opined.
His sentiments were shared by Brett Griffin who invoked legendary race car driver Jeff Burton to drive home his point about doing whatever possible to make the sport grow.
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Brett Griffin accuses Hendrick Motorsports star of being selfish
A lot of drivers will relate with what Chase Elliott said but as far as the spotter is concerned, there is a lot more to NASCAR than just driving race cars and competing for wins. Griffin said that the Hendrick Motorsports star’s comments made it sound like he did not care about the development of the sport.
“Jeff Burton told me all the time, ‘you’re supposed to leave the sport better than you found it, you’re supposed to do things to help grow the sport, you’re supposed to do things to help engage with fans, engage with sponsors.’ So when he (Elliott) says that it’s like selfishly, he doesn’t care. And I know that’s probably not the case,” he said.
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Do you think Elliott’s reluctance to be a part of the NASCAR: Full Speed Netflix series is a sign of his careless attitude toward the sport or do you also believe that getting back on the track in the optimum form as a racer takes the driver’s seat currently? Let us know your thoughts.


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