Dale Earnhardt Jr Explains Why Ryan Blaney Needs a “Trashcan” as He Explains the Importance of Cussing in NASCAR


The recent NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race at Phoenix Speedway witnessed a memorable moment. It happened when Ryan Blaney expressed his frustration with fellow driver Ross Chastain in a rather unconventional manner. This expressive outburst led to a lighthearted suggestion from Dale Earnhardt Jr. He candidly suggested that Blaney should have someone on the team radio who could act as a “trashcan” to absorb all of Blaney’s vented frustration and colorful language during the races.
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Ryan Blaney, driving the #12 Ford Mustang for Team Penske, was in contention for the championship. But he found himself locked in a fierce battle with Ross Chastain, who was behind the wheel of the #1 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Trackhouse Racing. As the race entered its final stage, Blaney’s quest to overtake Chastain for the lead became increasingly intense. With just 56 laps to go, Blaney’s frustration boiled over as he attempted to navigate around Chastain, who was not even in the running for the championship at that point.
Dale Earnhardt Jr jokingly suggests Ryan Blaney needs a life coach on team radio
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Blaney’s colorful display of emotion came in the form of an unmistakable hand gesture as he flipped off Chastain. It was a clear indication of his frustration at being unable to pass the determined Chastain, who was unyielding in his defense of his position. Ryan Blaney was not just battling Chastain, he also had to keep championship contenders Kyle Larson and William Byron at bay.
Dale Earnhardt Jr., a NASCAR icon renowned for his own candid expressions during his racing career, didn’t let this moment pass unnoticed. In a recent episode of his podcast, Earnhardt Jr. shared his thoughts on Ryan Blaney’s expressive frustration.
“It was a flip of the bird, and it was like just dash level. It wasn’t like at the windshield. If it went out the windshield, like I want you to see this one,” Earnhardt Jr said, highlighting the subtlety of Blaney’s gesture. “So, I’ll say this too, like, sometimes like I’ve tried to cuss and complain without smashing the button on the radio, and it doesn’t work. It only works and relieves that sort of pressure if someone hears it, and it doesn’t matter who hears it.”
Earnhardt Jr. went on to humorously suggest a unique solution to Blaney’s on-track frustrations. “And so, maybe there needs to be like a life coach on the radio that Blaney just talks directly to. This person doesn’t have to have an ability to even talk back. We’re just gonna label them the ‘life coach’, right? They could be someone straight out of the grandstands. Blaney needs to say these things, one person needs to hear it, and that’s the end of it. Just like kind of a trashcan catch-all, for all the cursing and the madness that Blaney needs to release. He can have a special button that he smashes where he just curses.”
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While some found humor in Earnhardt Jr’s suggestion, it’s essential to recognize the intense nature of NASCAR racing and the emotions that come with it.
Kyle Petty suggests Chastain did nothing wrong to Blaney
The Championship Race at Phoenix saw Blaney’s first Cup Series Championship, and he had everything to lose. In the midst of a high-stakes battle like that, emotions often run high, as drivers give their all to secure victory.
NASCAR veteran Kyle Petty weighed in on the situation. Petty wasn’t surprised that it was Ross Chastain causing a stir, as Chastain has been a somewhat controversial figure in NASCAR due to his unyielding driving style. Chastain vigorously defended his position during the race, leaving no room for Blaney to pass easily.
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Petty supported Chastain’s actions, emphasizing that it’s acceptable for a driver to defend their position, regardless of championship implications. “I also believe it’s okay for Ross Chastain to take away the line of the second-place car, which was Ryan Blaney, no matter whether he is running for a championship or not,” Petty stated.
Regarding Blaney’s aggression, Petty saw it as a natural part of hard, competitive racing. In his view, both Chastain and Blaney had the right to assert themselves on the track, given the high stakes involved. “It was so blatant. But is that right? Is that right for him to roll in and do it? I believe yes. I believe it’s okay for him to roll in and get into Ross and try to get Ross upset and try to get Ross out of the way,” Petty concluded.
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In a sport where every moment matters, and every decision can influence the outcome. Drivers like Blaney and Chastain demonstrate the passion and determination that makes NASCAR so captivating for the fans.


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