Dale Earnhardt Jr Publicly Bashes HMS Underdog’s Brash 5-Word Accusation Against JRM


DOVER, DE – SEPTEMBER 29: Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the #88 Nationwide Chevrolet, looks on during practice for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Apache Warrior 400 presented by Lucas Oil at Dover International Speedway on September 29, 2017 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
In the world of NASCAR, where engines roar, and allegiances run deep, one can’t help but wonder about the rivalries that simmer beneath the surface. The latest showdown between Dale Earnhardt Jr. and an underdog from Hendrick Motorsports (HMS) has fans at the edge of their seats, but it’s not what you might expect.
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Meet Josh Berry, the man behind the wheel of JR Motorsports’ #8 Chevrolet Camaro in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. He also drove part-time in the NASCAR Cup Series this year, replacing Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman of Hendrick Motorsports as a relief driver. But what does this mean for Josh Berry’s future with JR Motorsports? What exactly did he say that upset Dale Earnhardt Jr?
The shocking audio clip that fueled Dale Earnhardt Jr’s anger
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During the podcast ‘Dale Jr Download,’ Dale Earnhardt Jr and his co-host, Mike Davis, discussed their apprehensions about Dale’s participation in Xfinity races during the playoffs due to concerns about their team’s performance. Despite his personal connections, Dale tried to maintain objectivity in his race commentary. But soon, they played audio of Josh Berry early in the Xfinity race, expressing frustration about the car.
Dale said, “They play a little audio of Josh Berry early in the race. He’s like, ‘This is the worst car I’ve ever driven in my life.’ I’m like, surely not. I know the feeling, man. I’ve said that before. They’re playing in audio and I’m like, yeah, well, he’s just got to stay in the fight. The team’s got to get him to the end of the stage so they can work on it. I’m saying all the things.”
“He rebounded, which was nice. Josh ended up with a top five finish. That was really, really good for them. They had great speed at the end of that race. It wasn’t just like they got lucky and finished fifth and the car was crap. They actually improved the car and made it to where it was pretty decent.”
Mike said that when drivers express frustration about their cars early in a race, it often signals a strong finish. He referenced examples of drivers like Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick, including instances when Dale himself had expressed similar sentiments. Mike concluded that the teams tend to step up and deliver strong results in such cases.
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But what happens when a hurdle blocks the road to success before the race begins? The recent penalties ahead of the Darlington race in the Xfinity Series have sent shockwaves through the racing world.
Pre-race penalties rocked the racing world as the young star of Dale Earnhardt Jr got involved
Among the drivers struck by these pre-race penalties is Josh Berry, who finds himself perplexed. The news couldn’t have pleased the Dale Earnhardt Jr, and as the days tick by, concern looms heavy over Berry’s camp, casting a shadow on their next endeavor in Kansas.
Before every race, NASCAR’s meticulous officials conduct an extensive car inspection process, consuming roughly three hours of precious time. It’s a five-station ordeal that scrutinizes every aspect of the racing machines. During this rigorous affair, visual inspections, optical scans, and safety certifications take center stage. This process is vital, especially after recent safety concerns in the Cup Series.
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At Darlington, a dark cloud descended over the Xfinity Series as a cadre of drivers saw their cars fail the stringent inspection process. In addition to Josh Berry, the list includes Sam Mayer, Corey Heim, Kaz Grala, Jeb Burton, Parker Retzlaff, and Kyle Sieg. The penalties that await them are daunting – their teams will forfeit the coveted pit selection privilege for the next race in Kansas.
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As the checkered flag fell, Josh Berry’s journey from “worst car” to a top-five finish was a testament to the heart and soul of NASCAR racing. Dale Earnhardt Jr’s candid commentary added a layer of intrigue to the tale, leaving fans with a newfound appreciation for the unpredictability of the sport.


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