Dale Jr’s Short Track Legend Divulges the Reason Behind His NASCAR Dream Turning into a 20-Year Wait


When Dale Earnhardt Jr. decided to bring in Super Late Model legend Bubba Pollard, a clear indication was passed. An indication of breaking the norm of supporting just thriving youngsters who have a shining bright career ahead. The team established that they are also keen to lend their hand to drivers who couldn’t get certain opportunities throughout their careers.
The 37-year-old from Senoia, Georgia has waited a couple of decades for this opportunity. Finally, it was Dale Jr.’s JR Motorsports that signed him for the Xfinity Series and he is supposed to start today at Richmond Raceway. But why did it take so long to enter NASCAR’s mainstream racing? “Redneck Jesus” provides the answer himself.
Bubba Pollard longed for someone to recognize his talent
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Ahead of his Xfinity debut in Richmond, Bubba Pollard opened up about his racing journey. He was overwhelmed to be a part of JR Motorsports and was thankful to Dale Jr. and Rheem Manufacturing for making it happen. Reflecting on how moving on from a chapter of his life didn’t mean he had given up, he said, “Well, I was in a point in my life, where I wouldn’t say I’ve given up, but I’ve moved on to the next chapter in my life. And looking back, I’ve always taken a different approach than a lot of people out there. Like, you know, always wanted somebody to come up to my for my talent. And it just never really happened, you know”.
Dale’s broken
nose Dale Earnhardt Jr once broke his collarbone during a NASCAR race & still managed to finish 3rd. Learn more crazy NASCAR stories in our newsletter
The reason he provided for not making it earlier was the lack of effective self-marketing. While other drivers would go miles to promote themselves, Pollard remained silent and waited for someone to recognize his abilities.
He added, “Different people market themselves in different ways. And I grew up old school, my dad told me that do not cling to something that ain’t there. It just never happened to me, and I was okay with it. But now we’ve got the opportunity, I’m glad. i can say that, we’re gonna get that one chance, that one shot in my NASCAR starting.”
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Off the track, he is a construction worker
While growing up, Bubba Pollard was introduced to racing at Senoia Speedway in Georgia. What adds to the track’s uniqueness is that it belonged to his grandfather, Sonny Pollard. Sonny Pollard’s enduring legacy as a racetrack owner served as the canvas for his grandson’s initial racing experiences.
Bubba Pollard donned his racing helmet and began competing at Senoia Raceway, where he fell in love with cars. His grandfather’s influence and the feel of Senoia Speedway shaped his passion for racing. It was at that point he decided that he would pursue a career in racing.
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Away from the racetrack, Bubba Pollard dons a hard hat and labors as a construction worker. His robust physique, forged through a combination of racing and manual work, mirrors his blue-collar spirit.


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