Dale Jr’s Xfinity Star Claims No Internal Friction at JR Motorsports, Despite Admitting Boiling Frustrations


During the NASCAR Xfinity race at COTA, the dynamics between teammates have been intriguing. Kaulig Racing’s drivers, Shane van Gisbergen, and A.J. Allmendinger were found working together seamlessly. They found themselves in intense battles for position during the 46-lap race. Their well-coordinated machine suddenly became unpredictable. At the front of the pack, the duo fought fiercely for the coveted 1-2 positions.
However, further down the field, a different story unfolded. Justin Allgaier and Sam Mayer, both part of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s JR Motorsports, had contrasting experiences. Allgaier, starting from P15, and Mayer, starting from P10, faced challenges during the final laps. An occasion of feud and tension occurred between them, making us recall Daytona memories.
Sam Mayer: “We have a good enough relationship”
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Sam Mayer drove his #1 Chevrolet Camaro for Dale Jr’s team, to finish at the P9 position. After the race, he opened up about racing aspects, as well as his friction with his teammate Allgaier. He said, “He was just running me like he was pretty frustrated all day, even yesterday. So I’m going to talk to him, I know that we have a good enough relationship where we can do that really, really easily. Jim came over and apologized for obvious reasons because I was frustrated early and that’s kind of why he did that. So, not frustrated about an easy conversation, but definitely a little bit frustrated.”
Bubba’s mixed
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Justin Allgaier, driving the #7 Chevrolet, engaged in a controversial move with his teammate, Sam Mayer, in the closing laps. As they navigated Turns 2, 3, 4, and 5, Allgaier aggressively pushed Mayer’s #1 car off-track. Fans and observers quickly labeled this action as “bullying,” especially considering Allgaier’s status as the 2018 Regular Series champion
Signs of Internal Friction Rife at Dale Jr’s JR Motorsports as Xfinity Star Warned Against Messing With Teammate
Mayer continued, “Yeah, getting on the top ten, I guess that’s all you can ask for with how crazy our day was. These guys have been doing a good job all year, and the first time we’ve been upfront, I guess. And had some of the show forward just didn’t end well. So definitely gonna bring up the notebook and then fill it up for the next time I’m up here.”
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Dale Jr’s Xfinity star’s previous friction with Ty Gibbs
During the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Martinsville Speedway in 2022, a dramatic incident unfolded between Sam Mayer and Ty Gibbs. As the race neared its conclusion, Ty Gibbs, driving for Joe Gibbs Racing, was leading. However, he lost the lead to Brandon Jones on the final lap. In a desperate attempt to regain position, Sam Mayer, representing JR Motorsports, made a bold move. He drove into Gibbs from behind, causing a three-car logjam for second place.
The impact was significant, and Ty Gibbs found himself slammed into the wall. Despite leading for the majority of the race, he ended up finishing in P7 due to the incident with Mayer. After the checkered flag, emotions ran high. Gibbs confronted Mayer on the pit road, expressing his anger. The situation escalated, and the two drivers were involved in a heated altercation. The social media was filled with videos of them hurling words at each other and punching.
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This brings up a bigger question about the current incident, though. Is the relationship between Mayer and Allgaier really okay? Or are we going to witness another round of punches between them in the next races?


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