Daniel Suarez Commends NASCAR for Thinking on Their Feet to Save the Clash at the Coliseum Weekend


The iconic Clash event at the LA Memorial Coliseum was conducted unconventionally. The exhibition race had to be pulled back to an earlier date, stirring quite the turbulence among drivers and fans alike. However, devoted as they are to the sport, racing fans tweaked their calendars to make room for the event. Drivers like Daniel Suarez applauded the quick thinking of NASCAR to save the Clash from detrimental weather.
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Daniel Suarez emerged as the champion in the Mexico Series King Taco la Batalla en El Coliseo. He swerved to victory after putting up a strong fight against skilled drivers. It was not until the final laps that it became clear Suarez was aiming for Victory Lane. Who knows what would have turned out if NASCAR had not saved the race from getting canceled?
Daniel Suarez is all praises for NASCAR’s close call
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Freshly basking in the champion’s glory, Daniel Suarez talked to the press about the grand Clash. One interviewer cleverly asked what would Suarez find more difficult, driving in the rain or on a different date. Suarez answered confidently, “Listen, um, every time that there is rain in the area, there is a lot of knowns. As a race car driver, you know, you want to control things. You want to predict things and you want to be ready. You prepare yourself, physically, mentally, with food, sleep, and everything. When it’s raining, and you’re waiting, it’s never fun. I have done it so many different times and it’s never fun.”
Suarez lauded the immense efforts of NASCAR to make the Clash a reality. He said, “I want to give a lot of, lot of credit to NASCAR and to our broadcast partners for adjusting. We know that there is gonna be a huge storm, starting tonight, uh, pretty much for the next two days. If we were not making this move, who knows we’re gonna be racing. And who knows if we were gonna race. So, huge credit to NASCAR and to the broadcast partners, and of course the fans that they showed up last minute.”
Suarez said that friends and fans should also receive the credit for making the event a success. “I had a lot of friends that, they were not supposed to be here today. I had to text them, call them, and they ended up showing up last minute. I’m glad that we were able to adjust.”
Besides Suarez, other prominent names also showered praises on the NASCAR officials for saving the race.
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Suarez is not the only one to laud NASCAR for their efforts
Even before the Clash began, a few people predicted the possible change in schedule. Among them was the Busch Light Clash champion, Denny Hamlin. He was the first driver to hint on social media that the Clash may be destined for a different date. When his prediction turned into reality, he called it a big win for NASCAR.
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Chase Elliott, who finished 22nd in the race, also pitched in, “It’s one of the most logical decisions we’ve made as an industry, potentially ever.” Kyle Larson had his own point of view about the incident. Finishing 5th in the Clash, he said, “But you know, I think, at the same point, the crowd is awesome out there for a spur-of-the-moment race and your free admission and all that. So hopefully a lot of these fans who’ve maybe never been to a race before, you know, will now fall in love with the sport and you know venture out and kind of grow from there. So maybe this could, uh, accidentally work out really well for NASCAR.”
USA Today via Reuters Feb 5, 2023; Los Angeles, California, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr. (19) and NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (8) lead the field for a restart during the NASCAR Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports
The event organizers took to X for crediting the entities who helped rescue the race. They tweeted, “Thanks to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Los Angeles Public Safety for their partnership and support to make the schedule adjustment for tonight’s event to ensure a safe experience for fans, competitors, and staff.”
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Cheers to NASCAR for winning the hearts of racers and fans alike. We hope they continue the good work in the future!
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