Daniel Suarez Discloses Why He Loves Racing in NASCAR Despite Ridiculously Low Odds of Winning


Daniel Suarez stole the show with a resounding victory in the NASCAR Mexico series held this weekend. Along with the checkered flag, Mexican flags were hoisted as he entered the Victory Lane. Signaling a sentimental return to his home turf, Suarez was bubbling with emotions in the post-race press conference. He revealed how an unmatched love for the racetrack keeps him coming back, no matter what the results may show.
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The NASCAR Mexico Series King Taco La Batalla en El Coliseo was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The event was rescheduled for a day earlier (Saturday) due to severe weather conditions. However, Mexican motor heads filled the stands to the brim, cheering for their hero, Daniel Suarez. Suarez acknowledged their presence and the love he received.
Daniel Suarez gives credit to the fans
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After clinching the top position at the Mexico Series, a dewy-eyed Suarez was seen answering press questions. He particularly lit up when a media person asked him how he felt about the crowd’s response. “It’s uh super special, you know. I knew a lot of fans were gonna stay along after the Cup race, and I wasn’t surprised.”
Then Suarez spilled the beans about his real reason for being married to the sport. He said, “But when I got out of the car and I saw all the Daniel Suarez flags and 99 flags, it gave me goosebumps. You know, it gave me that happiness, that reason why I do this. You know, I do this because I love competing. I love racing. I love so much. And, you know, racing- this is something that happens in many sports- but racing, you lose way more races than what you win. Because you are competing against 40 other drivers. Sometimes you have to be very very tough, you know, mentally to be able to overcome so many different challenges.”
Daniel Suarez credits his fans for making him feel like the star of the show following his victory. “When you are able to achieve the ultimate goal, which is winning the race, and you have a crowd, a fanbase like that, cheering you on, I mean there were at least a handful of thousand people out there with Mexican flags and Daniel Suarez flags- it’s something that is very hard to describe. You know, it is very special.”
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The 2o16 Xfinity Series champion left people mesmerized with his sleek performance at the Mexico Series. He strongly believes that this race holds a special place in his heart, as this is where his roots belong.
Suarez credits his native turf for sculpting him into a fine racer
They say your roots mold you into the person you become one day. Daniel Suarez totally agrees as he stated in an interview after grabbing first position in the Mexico race. “The people who know me, they know that this race means a lot to me. All of these drivers, this team — my old team — I grew up with this team. If it wasn’t for this series, NASCAR Mexico, I wouldn’t be in the Cup Series today. Thank you NASCAR Mexico, thank you all the drivers, thank you to the fans, you make me feel at home.”
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The Mexico race was a wild one, with Daniel Suarez contending with some strong drivers. After lingering among the top 5 initially, Suarez outsmarted Abraham Calderon in the final 30 laps of the event. Driving his No. 99 Chevrolet past some turbulent drivers, Suarez had to put up against another strong opponent, Ruben Garcia. But both Garcia and Calderon faltered in the closing laps. Finally, Suarez overtook Santiago Tovar by a 1-second margin and emerged victorious.
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Daniel Suarez aced the game in the season opener. We’re all pumped to see how he performs at the incoming Cup Series!
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