Denny Hamlin Defends NASCAR’s ‘Little Break’ to Flag Kyle Busch’s Strange Collision in Richmond


As Denny Hamlin cruised to victory at Richmond Raceway, his rivals were left stinging. The late caution called on lap 398 sealed the fate of several veteran drivers vying for the trophy. When you dial back a couple of hundred laps, you will see another veteran driver struggling and setting off a caution.
Kyle Busch found himself spinning and hitting the wall on lap 170. He seemed to lose control of his ride, and the yellow lights flickered into life as NASCAR called a caution. Hamlin recently broached this topic and stood by the officials’ call to wave the yellow flag.
Denny Hamlin sanctions Busch-spurred caution
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Following his measly finish of 20th place at Richmond Raceway, Busch attributed his troubles partly to his car. He crowned the Toyotas for their excellent performance in securing spots. But the Chevrolets, one of which he drove, could not pick up spots from behind the pack.
Richmond champ Denny Hamlin analyzed the situation on his podcast. “We’ve thrown cautions on cars going up and scraping the wall before. But we’ve also had cautions in some other major sh*ts going on. I don’t know, I mean, it’s a tough thing to do. Certainly, they saw that the 8 was okay. He came back down to the racing groove and appeared he was taking back off again”.
Dale’s broken
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Then Denny Hamlin went ahead and sanctioned NASCAR’s move to throw a caution. “My intuition tells me, they were probably at a point in the race where we were in the middle of a long green flag run. They didn’t mind a caution, and I think they were looking for a little break at that moment.”
Soon after the caution flag flew, Kyle Larson and others found themselves hurt. Their well-calculated pit strategy shattered due to Busch’s faltering car. Kyle Busch currently ranks 13th in driver’s points, which is not too bad. But when you look at the driver’s record, you will know how bad 2024 is faring for him.
Fast forward to the lead of the pack at Richmond, tensions were no less as Denny Hamlin supposedly jumped the restart zone. Yet the JGR driver explained why he was not to blame.
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Hamlin attributes his rushed tactics to Logano
Denny Hamlin stirred up quite the controversy by hurrying toward the lead after the final caution. But according to him, he had no other choice if snatching the trophy was the goal. Recently he said all he did then was to check in his rear-view mirror. “Then I’m looking in the mirror to see, ‘OK, how close is the car behind me?’ And clearly Joey (Logano) is laying back”.
Then Hamlin showed why the Team Penske driver fueled his rushed endeavors. “Now, at that point, I’m thinking in my head, ‘I’m not going to let him roll to me, and then as soon as the gap closes take off because then he’s got an advantage.’ He’s going to be pushing me, he’s going to pull out of line. He dictated the restart, not me.”
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Denny Hamlin is definitely on fire this season with an excellent pit team and car. Kyle Busch, on the other hand, seems to be on the other end of the spectrum, although his time may come soon.


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