Denny Hamlin Exposes NASCAR Jeopardizing His Team’s Third Car Hopes With Brutal 6-Word Verdict


The NASCAR charter system is one of the most important aspects currently. It allows Cup teams to be able to enter each NASCAR Cup points race and also a portion from the purse. This is a major sticking point for the likes of Denny Hamlin, especially since he owns the 23XI Racing team. Currently, the organization fields two full-time cars, driven by Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick. They also have a part-time car with Kamui Kobayashi behind the wheel.
For a long time, teams have been locked in negotiations for a new charter agreement. One of the spearheads is Michael Jordan’s right-hand man, Curtis Polk. Hamlin and Polk have been at odds with NASCAR for a long time, as they pushed for better terms. As it happens, Polk wants teams to earn a share of revenue close to a 50-50 split. Hamlin knows that it will be difficult to invest in the team without a resolution to this issue.
Denny Hamlin is waiting for NASCAR’s move
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He told Sports Business Journal, “You’re somewhat placing a bet that NASCAR’s not going to blow this whole thing up. Make awful decisions that would negatively impact our future as a team or their future as NASCAR. Everything is just kind of hanging on waiting to see what Jim [France, NASCAR CEO] decides to do. Does he choose to invest in us, or not? And if not, then we’ll just continue to cut, cut, cut like we’ve been doing. Content will suffer. Getting people [to work in NASCAR] will be harder and harder, and this sport will stay with its feet stuck in the mud.”
USA Today via Reuters Feb 16, 2024; Daytona Beach, Florida, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Denny Hamlin (11) during practice for the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Obviously, Hamlin would love to see his team expand to three full-time cars. Considering that when he and Jordan started the team, they had a five-year plan in place. One that would culminate into being a consistent race-winning team and championship-contending team by the fifth year. The best part is that they look to be well ahead of schedule, as they are achieving this in just their third season.
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Bubba’s mixed
socks Bubba Wallace wears mismatched socks for good luck. More crazy NASCAR stories on our Newsletter
When did the third car come into play?
Things were going so well that 23XI Racing took a massive gamble last year. They elected to field a third car on a part-time basis, with Travis Pastrana and Kobayashi. In 2024, Kobayashi returned to the team at the Circuit of the Americas. Unfortunately, the stalled charter negotiations could put a damper on the plans for the third car going full-time. A third car on the grid could help exponentially in the championship, as it means more points on the board.
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Now, there seems to be no sign of things progressing any time soon, unless NASCAR caves in or the teams compromise. The negotiations are important, especially with an incoming media rights deal worth $7.7 billion for seven years. Obviously, teams were a bigger slice of the financial pie, but they will have to negotiate.


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