“Drivers…Have Been Lying” – Ross Chastain’s Blunt Tyler Reddick Wreck Admission Leaves Insider Questioning NASCAR’s Ethics


Saturday’s Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum gave everyone a preview of the 2024 NASCAR season. The race was filled with outbursts of fury, retaliation, and misfortune. One of the most controversial moments of the evening was the tussle between Tyler Reddick and Ross Chastain. After the pair crossed paths a few times in the race’s final laps, Chastain struck the No.45 Toyota after the checkered flag.
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The incident came shortly after Reddick tried to nudge Ross Chastain and the No.1 Chevrolet’s left rear as a vehicle spun in front of them, triggering a caution. Chastain’s continuous involvement in such incidents is no secret from the community. Having admitted his on-track altercation with Reddick was intentional, Chastain’s comments have invited some big questions. Former Kaulig Racing spotter Brett Griffin has led the interrogation on the popular podcast Door Bumper Clear.
Brett Griffin wants more clarity on drivers intentionally wrecking each other
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NASCAR’s stance on intense racing is getting increasingly similar to the rough racing from the 1980s. In the days of Dale Earnhardt, many drivers felt that the Intimidator was often favored by the authorities and escaped with lesser fines or no consequences. With time, NASCAR has tightened the screws and taken action on such cases with firmness.
Last year, the 2020 Cup champion Chase Elliott was handed a one-race suspension for intentionally hooking Denny Hamlin at Charlotte. The scenario was similar to the 2024 Busch Light Clash when Ross Chastain made contact with Tyler Reddick after the checkered flag. From Brett Griffin’s understanding as an experienced personality in NASCAR, he believes such moves are strictly prohibited.
“I have a question about Ross Chastain. I thought we couldn’t wreck people intentionally anymore. If we did, we’d get fired or suspended and all kinds of stuff,” claimed Griffin.
NASCAR had also tackled Ross Chastain’s antics last year. Considering the compact structure of the 0.25-mile lap at the Coliseum, Reddick’s mistake could be swept under the rug. However, intentional wrecking has been frowned upon everywhere, and drivers have often tried to conceal their intentions behind it. Addressing the same, Griffin said, “Drivers have been coming on and lying, saying they didn’t mean to wreck.“
“We watched Ryan Preece and other guys do it last year, but Ross basically said I’m here to wreck Tyler Reddick. He ran into the back of me, and he made me mad. Like, which way are we going this year? I’m not mad at Ross here. I’m saying, which way are we going this year as a sanctioning body.”
“Are we going to wreck these guys and admit it, or are we going to do what we have been doing, which is to wreck them on purpose and lie to us?”
Unfortunate contacts ruined the Trackhouse Racing driver’s outing in Los Angeles. The No.1 driver was also caught in the crossfire as Michael McDowell and Ricky Stenhouse Jr exchanged blows, including a dangerous divebomb maneuver.
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Reddick’s bump only added to his frustration. However, Ross Chastain could have considered these things as a part of hard racing and adapted to it. In an attempt to make peace with the 23XI Racing driver, the 31-year-old asked Reddick out for a bike ride.
Tyler Reddick and Ross Chastain are willing to talk it out
An altercation with Ross Chastain can have several outcomes. Last year, Noah Gragson bore the brunt of the Melon Man’s frustration after the pair threw punches at Kansas. Later, Chastain made contact with HMS star Kyle Larson at Darlington and ended his race as a contender for the win among many more notable face-offs in 2023.
The Darlington incident took an ugly turn as HMS team owner Rick Hendrick issued a retaliatory warning to Chastain, claiming that his drivers wouldn’t shy away from hitting back. While the issue was resolved off the track with the drivers and owners making peace in private, the situation at hand won’t need that approach.
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Revealing his dynamic with the No.45 Toyota driver, Ross Chastain stated, “Me and Tyler are buddies. I can’t wait to, uh, get back on the bike with him or something and, um, see how strong he’s gotten in the off-season.”
On the other hand, Reddick was open to discussing the furious outburst from Chastain and explained the turn of events. He claimed, “I mean, I ran him in the back at the beginning of the corner, so I wonder if that’s what he’s mad about.”
“But after that, like cars from the bottom just came in and cleaned all of us out. So, I don’t know which part of it he’s mad about. I knew he was upset. I’m just not sure which one it is, so. I guess I’ve to talk to him about it.”
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Drivers resolving any possibility of bad blood between them is an excellent display of sportsmanship. Despite Ross Chastain’s track record with such incidents, Tyler Reddick is seemingly ready to shake hands.
“Tyler Took Advantage of the Wreck”- Ross Chastain on Bizarre Retaliation on 23XI Driver After the Clash Ended


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