EXCLUSIVE – Angel Reese’s Stylist Madison Ledyard Reflects on Manifesting Dream Partnership with Bayou Barbie


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Madison Ledyard is as creative as one can get. She has been the NCAA star Angel Reese’s stylist and has gotten a lot of attention for her brilliant work. Reese too has with time become a major icon for brands who want to collaborate with her because of the swag she brings along. EssentiallySports got on an exclusive interview with Ledyard to discuss her growth.
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Among other things, Ledyard opened up frankly on how she came about styling Reese. She also seemed to be suggesting that she had manifested her dream project which will come as a surprise to many.
What did Ledyard say?
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Ledyard opened up on her relationship with Reese at the ES Exclusive on Monday. She was asked about the story of her ‘manifesting’ working for Reese doing rounds on the internet. And Ledyard’s candid reply just proved what difference courage can make in professional relationships.
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“So as many know I had the opportunity to style Zia Cooke for the WNBA draft, and the look came out so beautifully. I started gaining lots of attention from this one look, so I took that opportunity to try become apart of Angels team,” Ledyard revealed.
“I sent out a tweet saying “I want Angel Reese next”. She responded a couple hours later and it all started from there. Angel and I clicked instantly, we are both around the same age so we have many similarities and found it easy to hold a conversation, but yet we also know when to keep professional when it comes to working with each other,” Ledyard stated.
As the story goes, as per Slam Online, Ledyard had previously styled the WNBA rookie Zia Cooke for the 2023 WNBA draft look. Cooke had worn a mermaid cut-out dress with gemstones and a lot of detailing to the special event. The look was so unique and elegant that it gained a lot of traction online and Ledyard soon stepped closer to her dream of being a celebrity stylist. She then saw Reese during the national championship game and decided that she wanted to style her.
In order to secure her new project, Ledyard just casually tweeted out and Reese responded with “*eyeball emoji* let’s workkkkk.” Since then Ledyard hasn’t looked back as she is the one behind Reese’s major show-stopping looks.
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Whether it is a fiery red dress that Reese wore during the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit release party look or the one she wore while filming “Put It On Da Floor Again” the credit goes to Ledyard. Ledyard has gained so much popularity that she has her own luxury brand ‘ALEXANDRIA’ that make waves in the fashion circuit soon.
What is Alexandria?
Conceptualized by Ledyard, the luxury brand will get into the market of “luxury handcrafted garments.” It will according to Ledyard give the feeling of luxury without “it being so pricey.” This will be a major delight for all fans who have been swooning over Reese’s classy wear, and they will be the first to buy it for themselves.
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Now that the secret behind Ledyard manifesting her dream project with Reese is out, it will only give courage to more freelancers who want their work to be noticed by celebrities. They might go ahead and tweet tagging the big names they want to cater to, and while doing so they can also wait to get in the line buying stylish clothes from Alexandria.
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