Fascinated by Kyle Larson’s Latest Adventure, Jeff Gordon 2.0 Brings Out Rick Hendrick’s Witty Side


The need for speed is a drug for drivers. The feeling of adrenaline gushing through the veins as they stomp the accelerator pedal is overpowering. Over the years, stock car racing has seen many changes, but some things never change—like a speedster’s need for speed. And the urge to race doesn’t wane even if you exit the competitive arena as a driver. Such is the case with the Hendrick Motorsports legend Jeff Gordon.
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Back in 2016, Hendrick Motorsports sensation Jeff Gordon hung up his firesuit and picked up a FOX Sports microphone, making his network debut in the 2016 Daytona 500 as a NASCAR analyst. Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of HMS, and team owner Rick Hendrick has something to say about the new Jeff Gordan.
Rick Hendrick quips as Jeff Gordon talks about his role at HMS and Kyle Larson’s return from ROP
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Apart from becoming the most successful driver of the modern era with 93 wins, Jeff Gordon became an equity partner in HMS as early as 1999. In his role as the Vice Chairman and part-owner of NASCAR’s winningest team, he takes care of the content, sponsorships, relationships, and other official procedures. But lately, he has been taking more interest in his drivers and racing.
This was evident when, back in 2022, Gordon came out of his retirement for a week and raced in a Porsche Carrera Cup North America race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. However, that was all. Gordon has not returned behind the wheel of a stock car since then.
When Kyle Larson came back from the Rookie Orientation Program for his IndyCar debut next year, Gordon felt elated. He was longing for a driver-to-driver conversation with the 2021 Cup Series champion. In a recent press release, Gordon said, “I’m looking forward to download it with him a little bit further … just about the process and what does that grip feel like. First I’m gonna go on the corners, cold tires, on the apron, or just race chats and stuff.”
However, duty calls. Despite being comfortable in his new role, the California resident ran out of words while saying, “Being a race car driver and not being in the current cars and in the competition that they are currently in, my input is more what can we do to make the race team stronger and better…and just provide the resources and that’s what Rick taught me.”
As Gordon went on to speak about his current responsibilities, Mr Hendrick couldn’t help but quip, “It’s a different Jeff Gordon.”
Rick Hendrick perhaps doesn’t want Jeff to focus anywhere other than looking into the car, positioning the logos and sponsorships. But that might not be exactly what Jeff wants. However, that is just an open-ended speculation. Jeff might have to find solace in just having a detailed conversation with Hendrick Motorsports’ latest Indy Car recruit.
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Kyle Larson earned the respect of a Brazilian Indy Car legend in the Rookie Orientation Program for the #Hendrick1100
Team owner Rick Hendrick, Jeff Gordon, and team president and general manager, Jeff Andrews, were among the few who had the opportunity to watch Kyle Larson drive an Indy car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And the way that the #5 Chevy icon flaunted his driving prowess behind his Indy ride is indeed commendable.
According to the rules of the program, a driver must complete the first 10 laps with a speed ranging between 205-210 mph, followed by 15 laps at 210-215. The ultimate 15 laps should be run faster than 215 mph. Needless to say, Larson completed his orientation in just 2 hours, with an impressive lap of 217.898 mph.
According to the official page of Hendrick Motorsports, Larson said, “It was fun. The speed and the grip didn’t feel scarier than what I thought it might.”
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“How much the car wants to pull left. You have to fight it back to the right on the straightaways. All that was something I didn’t expect. The way the wheel was lighter, a lot lighter than the simulator, but still a little heavier than what I expected. Other than that, I thought it went really smooth,” he added.
Jeff Gordon felt like Larson was a bit nervous when he buckled himself up to the seat of the car. However, he admitted that even his hands got sweaty due to suppressed excitement. Gordon said, “Watching him in his craft and his element. I could tell he was a little bit nervous. My palms were sweating before he got out on track as well.”
Tony Kanaan, the sporting director for Arrow McLaren and the 2013 Indy 500 winner, showered praises for Kyle Larson. “I don’t think Kyle Larson needs an evaluation as an IndyCar driver. He’s a complete driver. Out of his generation, it’s the best I’ve seen.”
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Aren’t you excited to watch Kyle Larson drive a full-fledged Indy car race in 2024? Because we surely are!
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