Fashion Queen Venus Williams Brings Back Forgotten Style as She Stuns in Rehashed Version of Her Iconic Tennis Look


After tennis, if there is one thing that no one can defeat Venus Williams in is her sense of fashion. From the nascent stages of her tennis career, her flawless and amazing presence on the court made her stand out from every other player of the time. None of her outfits showcased her unique fashion sense more than the iconic beaded hairstyle that she rocked during the 1997 Wimbledon Championships. Although it brought criticism from some pundits and fans, she stuck to her style. Now, in the twilight years of her career, with her venture EleVen by Venus and her partnership with Lacoste, she has an amazing platform to broadcast her fashion skills like never before.
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Making the most of this chance, Venus Williams has decided to bring back the old-school hairstyle that quickly became one of her trademarks. We are sure there is no one out there who can rock it better than her.
Venus Williams brings back the classic braided and beaded hairstyle from the 90s
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When Venus Williams appeared on the court for the first time in 1997, she also debuted her braided and beaded hairstyle to everyone’s surprise. And now, more than 26 years later, she decided to give it a comeback once again as he flaunted the updated version of the same hairstyle on her Instagram account.
Williams posted a picture of herself in the iconic hairstyle for a partnership with Lacoste on her official Instagram page. Along with the picture, she wrote, “Remember these? Braids and beads the 2023 version.”
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Well, it is highly doubtful that anyone will ever forget the iconic hairdo she pulled for the first time. And now she is back with it to make a statement. It is hard to say where he gets her unique fashion sense from. But, recently, Williams’ showed how she gets a tad bit of inspiration for her style from another fashion icon, Naomi Campbell.
Williams sheds light on the two people who inspired her fashion sense
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Venus Williams shared in a recent interview that whenever she wants to reinvent her style, she often goes to Pinterest. Along with that, she also likes to follow what Naomi Campbell is up to. She mentioned how she considers the British supermodel as her idol, as she finds her style incredible.
In an interview with Fashionista, she said, “Naomi Campbell is my whole style icon. She’s incredible. I love her. She just keeps reinventing herself. She’s amazing.”
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However, someone close to her heart has also influenced her in a huge way. She shared that her mother has had a big hand in making her more interested in fashion. Williams shared that her mother always had a huge interest in sewing, which ignited her passion. Due to this, she started understanding clothing and used this skill to buy clothes later and understand fashion more.
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