Game-breaking glitches plague MLB The Show 24 on baseball’s opening day


San Diego Studio released an exciting update for MLB The Show 24 earlier today, right before Major League Baseball’s opening day. But game-breaking glitches have reared their ugly head at the worst possible time.
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MLB The Show 24 content creator RayCheesy posted a video today showcasing a hilarious glitch that turned his entire infield and outfield miniature-sized. Community members in the replies also posted screenshots of a glitch that prevented them from playing any offline mode in Diamond Dynasty because of an error message saying they had an invalid roster. The glitches all started to appear after MLB The Show Update No. 3 went live today around 6am CT.
MLB The Show 24 gets hit by a wave of mysterious glitches. Image via San Diego Studio
Before the chaos ensued, community members praised the most recent update for fixing a stamina issue for two-way players who entered the game from the bullpen in Diamond Dynasty, resolved inconsistent pinpoint pitching timing, and addressed a long list of other bugs and crashing issues. But now, players may have to wait to test out the new changes because of the glitches that have made some modes in the title inaccessible.
San Diego Studio acknowledged the glitches and confirmed it’s “aware of the current issues and working to get them resolved.” It’s unfortunate timing as the devs always release Supercharged cards in Diamond Dynasty that boost cards to the highest potential overall based on real-life performances on opening day.
But while the devs iron out every issue in MLB The Show, at least baseball fans have another way to pass the time today as MLB’s opening day has real-life baseball games broadcasting all day for fans to sink into their couch and enjoy—or not, depending on which team you support.
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