Gilbert Arenas Blasts ex-ESPN Employee’s Berserk Anthony Edwards Take After Texts With Michael Jordan


Anthony Edwards created a whirlwind with his outrageous slam dunk last night. The whirlwind even reached the legend of the game, Michael Jordan, whom Edwards was often compared to. A Fox analyst Chris Broussard, who took the news to MJ, made a shocking GOAT claim on live TV. He claimed that Ant-Man can never reach the GOAT conversation in the future. In response to this claim, Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas blasted Broussard in his recent show.
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Featuring on the latest live stream of No Chill Gil, Arenas reacted to Broussard’s statement on Edwards. He furiously said, “This is what I’m talking about. How can you say he can never be in a GOAT conversation? How do you know this dude’s career gonna be? That’s the problem with these dudes. With all these older dudes, they are trying to preserve legacies to the point where they already label you.”
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