Gilbert Arenas Makes Stunning Claim on Scottie Pippen’s Stature Since Larsa Divorce


Agent Zero hits harder after the NBA. Gilbert Arenas followed an exciting basketball playing career with a self-made media empire. He was meant to talk about those same ventures with Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner. Instead, it turned into taking jabs at Scottie Pippen. When it came to all the parties feuding with The Pip, Gil is on the opposite side. This time he’s made a wild conspiracy theory over Pippen’s bitter split from RHOM star, Larsa Pippen.
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Gil has been less than tolerant about any MJ slander, especially from Pippen. Once again, he has gone after Pippen in his complex drama with the Jordan family.
Gilbert Arenas has a harsh theory about Scottie Pippen
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Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner had Gilbert Arenas on their show, Point Forward, to talk about Gibby’s own multifaceted media ventures. He was in a cheeky mood from the second Iggy disclosed he’d saved his friend as “Gil-Nutso” on his phone.
Arenas poked fun at the show’s witty name, Point Forward, by saying, “Okay, ’cause y’all kind of small to be like the forward part of the point.” Turner felt the burn more to point out both he and his co-host are around 6’7″ with Gil stating, “Like a little version of Lamar Odom.”
Note: Odom is at 6’10” as opposed to Gil’s 6’4″ as per official NBA records. They were in awe of Odom’s frame for a second when Scottie Pippen came up. Arenas didn’t seem to believe that Scottie Pippen is at 6’9″ (some official records put him at 6’8″).
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Iggy would try to confirm his height as he’s played golf with the Pip before. It would prompt Arenas to say Scottie’s at 6’7″ now. He’d give all sorts of arguments that was Pippen’s height before the 2020 pandemic and in “1920″ insisting his current height is different.
“Have you seen his height after he lost his woman,” Arenas stated. “That’s 6’7″. He probably lost two inches.” Talk about a burn.
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