Gilbert Arenas & Nick Young Flame Iggy Azalea’s Career


After just covering how fun it can be to listen to Gilbert Arenas talk about basketball, the former NBA star is in another headline for another reason. This time, it’s not so much about fun as it is about clowning a friend’s famous ex-girlfriend. Arenas and former Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young sit down for an interview where the conversation of Young’s love life came up. The discussion between Young and former girlfriend Iggy Azalea was brought to the forefront. But it was Arenas who wasted no time in answering questions about the past relationship.
In the video, you can clearly see that Young looks a little hesitant to discuss the matter. However, Arenas should have spent more time in bringing down the pop star rather quickly. During the conversation Arenas mentioned that Young was a bigger star than her when they first got together. As well as saying ever since they broke up, Azalea has never been anything. While Young may have looked hesitant at first, he had a few laughs with Arenas over the situation. Check out the clip below.
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Gilbert Arenas Doesn’t Hold Back Any Ill Will Toward Iggy Azalea
No breakup is ever completely clean, and it looks like the story here fits that bill. But there is enough to past that Young and Arenas should be able to move on from the discussion in a more professional manner. Do you think this conversation was handled right by the former NBA stars? If not, how do you believe it should have been handled? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. For the latest news in sports and pop culture, stick with us here at HNHH.
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