Gilbert Arenas says Celtics have been ‘irrelevant’ for 30 years


Celtics Gilbert Arenas says Celtics are ‘irrelevant’ and Raptors have more bragging rights over past 30 years “In the last 30 years, Boston has been irrelevant in basketball history.” Gilbert Arenas. Jonathan Newton, Washington Post.
The Celtics are tied with the Lakers for the most titles in NBA history, and it’s no secret that most of those championships happened decades ago when Red Auerbach and Bill Russell were running things.
Celtics guard Jrue Holiday is 33 years old, and Boston has only won one title during his lifetime. They’ve come close, making 10 straight playoff appearances and several NBA Finals appearances since then. But 2008 remains the only time the Celtics have won a championship in the past three decades.
Paul Pierce, who was MVP of the 2008 Finals, recently said on FS1’s Undisputed that the Celtics will break the tie and win a title before the Lakers do.
“We will win our 18th championship before the Lakers,” Pierce said. “I guarantee that one. Y’all just caught up a couple years ago when y’all won that Mickey Mouse championship (in the bubble). Y’all won that Mickey Mouse championship and ya’ll are going to count that?”
Three-time All-Star Gilbert Arenas responded to Pierce’s comments during an episode of his podcast “Gil’s Arena.”
“We just caught up? Laker fans just caught up to a group whose whole legacy of championships was built with eight teams,” Arenas said. “I’m just going to be honest, and me being petty, I’m pretty sure first of all 95 percent of the championships were created before Paul Pierce was even born, that’s one. I don’t know if anybody’s even alive to remember when they won championships back in those 50’s days.”
Pierce was born in 1977, so he was alive for four of the Celtics’ 17 championships although three of the four happened before he turned 10 years old.
Gilbert Arenas says the Celtics have been irrelevant for the last 30 years and most of their championships came in an eight-team league
“Nobody remembers you”
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Arenas attempted to discount the Celtics’ recent titles by saying the Lakers’ 2020 championship in the bubble was more impressive.
“Those AAU championships were really less than the Mickey Mouse one,” Arenas said. “They won all of their championships during an eight-team roster, dog. In the last 30 years, Boston has been irrelevant in basketball history.”
Arenas never won an NBA championship and never played in the NBA Finals. He played a dozen seasons in the NBA with the Warriors, Wizards, Magic and Grizzlies.
“Your history was built at the beginning of time because you had all the great players and you guys were prominent,” Arenas said. “In the last 30 years of basketball, where has Boston been? You’ve got one chip in the last 30 years.”
“The only people that remember you is Boston fans now. Most of the people who watched Boston’s original dynasty ain’t even alive,” Arenas continued. “So, right now in the last 30 year it’s Lakers, Warriors right? San Antonio second, Warriors third. (Expletive), you’re tied with Toronto. Toronto got more bragging rights than you right now in the past 30 years, see you both got one.”


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