“Gotta Be Raw and Natural” – Bubba Wallace on How He Directed the #23 Team to Be on Netflix’s Docuseries


Sep 23, 2023; Fort Worth, Texas, USA; NASCAR Cup driver Bubba Wallace (23) addresses the media after winning the pole for the Auto Trader EchoPark Automotive 400 at Texas Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
The newly released NASCAR docudrama is all everyone can talk about in the American motorsports scene. With incredible insights into the inner mechanisms of the racing series, people are fully pumped to enter the 2024 season with a refreshed knowledge about NASCAR’s you-know-who. The series is special to us motorheads because of the down-to-earth scenario portrayed about the drivers. While it seemed filming would have been seamless, since drivers were being themselves, Bubba Wallace recently opened up about the challenges that people faced.
America’s Favorite Video Today
NASCAR Full Speed premiered on 30th January, right on time before the 2024 season frenzy commences. So take a seat in your movie room before buckling your belts for some thrilling races this season.
Bubba Wallace took the reins while filming on set
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In an interview with Today, Bubba Wallace opened up about what fans can take away from NASCAR: Full Speed. First off, he acknowledged the tremendous effort, saying, “Hats off to Netflix and NASCAR for coming together and creating something special and something unique for our viewers to be a part of…”
Then he talked about how he coached his teammates to make the show a success. He said, “I told my team and a couple of drivers in our camp to, ‘hey, to make this work, you gotta you know have no filter and just be raw and natural’. I know a lot of people shut down when cameras get on them right, but the most authentic you can be that registers with everybody that’s watching.”
Wallace banked on his own prior filming experience to help his fellow drivers. He said: “The doc [Race: Bubba Wallace] that I did a couple of years ago, I kind of experienced a little bit, and so to kind of see this come to fruition and encouragement from everybody involved was really cool.”
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As many of you would know, NASCAR: Full Speed is not the first time Bubba Wallace took the stage on screen. The 30-year-old Alabama native had previously acted in Race: Bubba Wallace. This show narrates his story of rising in a world of Caucasian-dominated racing as the only full-time African American driver. The docuseries was released in 2022.
Wallace got everybody excited about the series by being an internet troll
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The 23XI Racing driver has been involved very closely with the production and release of the NASCAR docudrama on Netflix. To enhance the anticipation, he poked fun at the teaser trailer launched earlier in January. The one-minute teaser featured Wallace’s teammate Tyler Reddick. However, Wallace had something to say about that.
In an attempt to troll his own teammate, he commented to the Instagram post, “Just had to put him in the opening scene [Face with Symbols on Mouth Emoji] fire that intern.”
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