Helmet communications approved by NCAA for some college football bowl games


Amid the alleged sign-stealing accusations and scandals that have been the talk of college football lately, there has been one solution that many are saying will make life easier going forward.
Many feel communication devices placed in helmets that are used in the National Football League — which allow coaches to relay plays into players without the use of signs — is the best remedy.
When the college football bowl season begins in December, the NCAA is going to give it a shot.
Over the summer, the NCAA passed a resolution that will allow the use of helmet communication devices for non-College Football Playoff bowl games.
It will serve as a trial run to see how it works heading into the offseason, where the organization could vote to make the devices permanent for next season.
The only catch is that both teams and their corresponding league offices have to agree to the use of the devices.
The Big Ten proposed the addition of helmet communications prior to this season, but the NCAA rules committee didn’t approve them for the regular season.


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