“He’s not Superman”: Ex-NFL QB Raises Red Flags for Drake Maye’s NFL Draft Journey


The NFL Draft is drawing closer and the name of Drake Maye seems to be skyrocketing with it as well. Projected to be the top-5 pick in the QB category, the star player of North Carolina is a name that is a hot topic amid Draft conversations, but a former NFL player’s criticism of Maye is tearing down the hype.
Drake Maye, the quarterback of the North Carolina Tar Heels, is a phenomenal talent with an incredible build to match. While his team failed to make a dent in the CFP top 4 playoffs, his individual stood out and put him in the conversations of the top QBs of the 2023 class. And yet, according to Kurt Benkert, the former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has a strong opinion about Drake Maye.
Kurt Benkert’s brutal judgment about North Carolina’s Drake Maye
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In the newest tweet, Kurt Benkert penned down his conclusion on Drake Maye stepping into the NFL. Furthermore, Benkert went on to draw comparisons between Drake Maye and players like Jordan Love, Josh Allen, and Jayden Daniels. It became evident that Benkert didn’t think Maye was going to be the next generational talent, as opposed to the fans’ common opinion these days.
Benkert wrote, “From what we’ve all seen on film, he’s not the guy that can overcompensate on a level like Josh Allen for things going wrong around him. He also doesn’t have the athleticism of a guy like Jayden Daniels to help alleviate play calling behind a bad Oline. He’s not Superman. He’s not the savior for a franchise. And ALL OF THAT is okay. He can be a good QB in this league, he just needs a good situation and some time. (Which you don’t often get with a QB needy team in the Top 10)”
While Benkert has dropped his rather harsh perspective on Maye, the former coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave him the ultimate compliment when he compared the QB to the legendary Andrew Luck.
Clyde Christensen, offensive analyst of North Carolina, compares Maye to Andrew Luck
On a recent episode of the Pat McAfee show, the hosts were seen discussing the prospects of Maye and his future in the NFL. The segment later followed McAfee’s conversation with Clyde Christensen, who couldn’t stop drawing comparisons between the former Colts’ QB, Andrew Luck, and Drake Maye.
McAfee said, “He said that Drake May is the guy of this draft. He said when I’m talking to him, I’m talking to Andrew which is a very fascinating thing. He’s saying that whenever he’s dealing with Drake Maye, talking to Drake Maye, watching the film of Drake Maye and what he’s going to prove in the Pro Day, he is very similar to Andrew Luck and he says if anybody doesn’t draft him they’re going to regret it.”
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Thus, Drake Maye could be the next-best youngster in the NFL, given the right team ends up drafting him. Plus, if the same coach who coached Brady and Eli Manning has good words to say about Maye, then it’s apparent that he is a gifted athlete with a bright future ahead.
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Will Drake Maye be the next great quarterback in the NFL? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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