“How the Hell Do They F**K This Up?” – Eagle-Eyed Fans Unable to Let Go of NASCAR’s Laughable Richmond Muck-Up


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Even NASCAR cannot save itself from making silly mistakes, it seems! While the racing at Richmond might end up entertaining fans this weekend, there is one aspect that the stock car racing organization has hilariously failed to deliver on! And as expected, it didn’t take race fans too long to pick up on that and absolutely have a field day with it on social media. Even eminent sports-related personalities like IcyVert and Nick DeGroot tweeted about it, making it quite an embarrassing mistake for the organization!
Rick Hendrick’s Richmond success sidelined over silly mistake
Richmond’s Saturday Qualifying session was definitely a momentous affair that left Rick Hendrick as the happiest man at the venue. With Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott occupying P1 and P2, it’s going to be a Hendrick Motorsports 1-2 start on Sunday. However, instead of concentrating on that achievement, fans’ attention was perhaps forced to be drawn toward something else. In a laughable instance, the grass painting at the venue, which was supposed to ‘NASCAR’, read ‘NRSCAR’!
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While it was an honest mistake with no ill intentions at heart, it was quite funny to see. The moment was caught on camera on national television during the qualifying session of the Cup Series race at the Richmond Raceway in Virginia.
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NASCAR might have made similar mistakes in the past, but it has definitely been a long time since then. So naturally, race fans, even the most staunch defenders of the sport, could not help but laugh at the mess.
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Race fans go all out on NRSCAR
Under Nick DeGroot’s tweet, one fan took help from an f-bomb to accurately describe what a lot of people have been thinking, “How the hell do they f**k this up.” Another user made a hilarious expansion of the word and commented, “ah yes the National Racing Stock Car Auto Racing.”
One fan’s comment under the post suggested that NASCAR has made an error like that in the past as well. The tweet showed a misspelled decal where instead of the words ‘Get Bioethanol’, it read, ‘Get Bioethonal’.
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“Only in nascar does shit like this happen lol,” one user wrote. IcyVert, who also shared the same image, also saw a barrage of funny comments flood in. One fan made a sarcastic use of the mistake and shared a funny comment, writing, “Oh boy i sure love me some good ol’ NRSCAR.”
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Looking at all the fan reactions, it’s safe to say that fans have made sure that NASCAR doesn’t make this mistake again, at least in the next few race weekends.


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