‘I Almost Died’- 21-Year-Old WTA Beauty Recounts Horrific Honeymoon Experience


Ukrainian beauty Marta Kostyuk has been leading a blissful married life for the last 5 months. After announcing their engagement last year in March, Kostyuk and her long-time boyfriend Heorhii Sudakov, a Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder, got married in November in a private ceremony at the Minthis resort in Cyprus. But the honeymoon that followed was not all fun for Kostyuk!
The newlyweds have been enjoying their time together at exotic locations since the wedding. Talking about their travels Kostyuk jokingly reveals that she almost died during their honeymoon.
‘I was out of breath so I almost died’ – Marta Kostyuk
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Kostyuk was recently featured on The AO Show podcast and talked about her horrific near-death experience during her honeymoon. “I tried surfing in Maldives where we had our honeymoon there and I almost died but really I almost died, yeah the waves were bigger than we thought, they were probably like five times bigger than in LA,” she revealed.
Getting further into the details, Kostuk said that it was their second time in Maldives but even that could not help her much, “In Maldives there, there are rocks where the waves break in the rocks and I couldn’t get out of it so I was hit by a wave twice like I was right in this curve and yeah I was out of breath so I almost died.”
Showing championship mettle off the court, Kostyuk went in again to conquer her fear, “Uh so then the next day we are surfing and of course and I tried again and I managed to get up but it’s very, I think it’s very dangerous so you have to pick like times and days where you can do it.”
Kostyuk and her husband Heorhii were last seen in the Australian Open where the Ukrainian player and her husband were seen involved in some public display of affection following a weather delay.
Rain delay turns into a photo shoot for Marta Kostyuk and husband Heorhii
Kostyuk made headlines earlier this year when she made her most memorable Grand Slam run, reaching the quarter-finals at the Australian Open. Leaving no opportunity to make the tournament even more memorable she and her husband were seen clicking pictures.
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In the 4th round of the Australian Open Kostyuk was up against Russian Maria Timofeeva. However, the match was briefly interrupted by the rain, seizing the opportunity, Heorhii who was present in the stands with her camera started clicking Kostyuk’s pictures. The Ukrainian beauty, who was at the time sitting on the bench waiting for the weather to clear smiled for the pictures and even struck a couple of poses.
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With Heorhii present in the stands to support Kostyuk and capture special moments of her career, the newlywed couple will surely be seen indulging in more such courtside antics in upcoming tournaments!


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