‘In an Open Relationship’- Aryna Sabalenka’s ‘Soulmates’ Admission Draws a Myriad of Reactions from Tennis Fans


Sport Bilder des Tages March 27, 2022, Miami Gardens, Florida, United States Of America: MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA – MARCH 27: Belarusian professional tennis player Aryna Sabalenka and Spanish professional tennis player Paula Badosa during day 7 of the Miami Open at Hard Rock Stadium on March 27, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida. …People: Paula Badosa Miami Gardens United States Of America – ZUMAs214 20220327_zda_s214_226 Copyright: xSMGx
After covering Tsitsidosa throughout last year, we’re back again with Sabadosa. Aryna Sabalenka successfully defended her title at Melbourne Park after a dominating performance at this year’s Australian Open. And, days after that emphatic victory, she opened up about her personal life, including her friendship with the Spanish tennis star, Paula Badosa. How did the fans react to this?
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Well, fans can’t keep calm as AO champion Aryna Sabalenka tagged Paula Badosa as her soulmate in a recent interview with WTA Insider. She said her friendship with the Spaniard helped her open up to people.
Fans call Aryna Sabalenka ‘Little Maria Sharapova’
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During an interview, she was asked to share a bit more about the personal improvements that Sabalenka and her team have often talked about recently. What changes has she made in her personal life? To this, the 25-year-old Belarusian quickly jumped to admit she had been too emotional in the initial stages of her career. She didn’t allow anyone to get to know the real Aryna Sabalenka. But now she has made several improvements which have helped both in her professional and personal life. Sabalenka then went on to talk about her bonding with Paula Badosa and here’s what fans had to say about Sabadosa.
One of the fans reacted by saying, “Oh so they’re in an open relationship I see.“
Another one called Sabadosa as ‘real‘.
While the other said, “She really is like baby Sharapova.”
Quite a few of them showered their love for the girls.
On the other hand, others were curious to know what happened to Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa.
Just like Aryna Sabalenka, even Paula Badosa has publicly showered her love for the Belarusian several times in the past. Let’s have a look at some of those moments.
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Paula Badosa loves Sabalenka’s speeches
A few months back, the two were seen together, enjoying their weekend and having dinner together in Dubai. In 2022, Badosa said, “She’s super nice with a big heart and very humble. That’s what I really like to see, players like that.” Then recently, after Aryna Sabalenka’s speech during her post-match interview in the finals of AO, Badosa tweeted, “I LOVE YOUR SPEECHES, Aryna Sabalenka the best on & off court!” with a heart emoji.
Even after her AO 2023 triumph, Badosa reflected her support for the world number 2. She said, “To be honest, [Aryna Sabalenka] was the only player I was following in Australia because I was injured and it was tough for me to see. Right after she won, I text her and I was very happy for her because I know how much it mean and how much she struggled last year.“
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Both of them were seen together, teamed up at the end of last year at the 2023 World Tennis League. Even there, Badosa expressed her admiration and affection for the 25YO Belarusian. Do you love to see them together, pairing as a team on the court?
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