In the Midst of Pursuit For Home Glory, Rory McIlroy Channels His Inner Nerd During Spirited Exchange With 7X PGA Tour Champion


Last month Rory McIlroy had a rough time at the Tour Championship because of his poor health. He is now looking to turn things around at the ongong the Irish Open. The Irish golfer is vying for a home win, and he doesn’t want his health to hold him back.
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To that end, on Thursday, McIlroy had a discussion with a 7-time PGA Tour winner regarding his swing and how to handle his muscles. Let’s do a bit of eavesdropping and find out what the two discussed.
Rory McIlroy receives help with his swing technique
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The DP World Tour’s Twitter page recently uploaded a video of Rory McIlroy and Billy Horschel discussing swing technique. The two were walking on the course as Rory McIlroy confirmed his understanding of Horschel’s tip for swing improvement by demonstrating a swing with an imaginary club in his hands.
McIlroy initially mimicked a swing where the left part of his body moved a little and it put stress on his right side. Then he went with the swing that Horschel apparently suggested. McIlroy loosened his left side a bit more this time, and it helped his right side move more flexibly.
Horschel watched McIlroy and explained his point further. “Correct. So it makes you feel like you have made a bigger turn…yeah, you’re still, it’s forming there [left side]… but this is opening more [right side]. So you need this open so it can turn and open that way.” He added why the latter way is more flexible. “Because like this, you just get stuck, so my left arm goes that way and tries to get, you know, a bigger turn.
While golf may not look like a physically demanding sport, it definitely is. In golf, there is a lack of momentum as players do not run up and the ball stays still until hit. It takes immense physical effort to send the ball flying. So golfers often sustain muscle-related health issues and require recovery and rest. Rory McIlroy had sustained muscle spasms during the time of the Tour Championship.
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A little recap of his setback during the tournament might add more sense to this conversation that he had with Billy Horschel.
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Rory McIlroy’s history with his tight right
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The 34-year-old had issues with the right side of his body and suffered from tightness in his muscles. He had issues with his back as well. He played through the tournament, anyway. While he did not play his best, he could maintain his position in the leaderboard that he started the tournament with, at number 4.
Considering his issues with the tight right side, this conversation looks like it could help him during his swings. Horschel’s focus was on helping the right side open up more by altering the left side position a little.
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Do you think Rory McIlory will bag the Irish Open title again? Tell us in the comments!
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