Iron Man’s New Armor is So Impressive Villains Don’t Want to Fight Him


Summary Tony Stark’s new Iron Man suit, the Mark Nil, is not only a practical upgrade but also a distraction to supervillains.
In a fight with Twilight Court member Bedivere, Tony’s opponent is impressed by the Mark Nil and would even call off the fight if his team agreed.
The Mark Nil is considered Tony’s best Iron Man suit yet, with impressive physical feats and the ability to earn kudos even from his enemies.
Warning: Spoilers for The Avengers #9!Tony Stark has spent the better part of the last year showing off his new Iron Man suit, and his enemies are taking notice in unexpected ways. During the summer of 2023, after getting everything taken away from him courtesy of his new enemy Feilong, he built a new suit of armor – the Mark Nil – to combat his opposition. Even in his Avengers adventures, the suit remains a staple of his new presentation within the Marvel Universe.
Among many of the upgrades and advantages the suit has to offer, its sheer existence serves as a surprising distraction to supervillains, as seen in The Avengers #9 by Jed MacKay, Francisco Mortarino, Federico Blee, and VC’s Cory Petit. For at least a moment, the sight of Tony’s armor is enough to stop someone he is fighting in their tracks.
As Iron Man transitions from his classic red and yellow get-up to something completely different, moments like this showcase how the Mark Nil is as much a practical upgrade as it is a cosmetic one.
Iron Man’s New Suit Distracts His Villains
During his current iteration of The Invincible Iron Man series, Tony’s dark opposite Feilong has become the new owner of Stark Industries, acquiring the original owners’ tech and weaponry in order to use it for evil purposes. To fight back, Tony builds the Mark Nil, which, compared to his newly retired classic suit, features a bevy of upgrades. This includes the ability to crawl walls and powers that are akin to Vision (among other Avengers). He truly gets to put into practice how powerful this armor is in The Avengers #9 by fighting the armored member of the Twilight Court, Bedivere.
However, before a skirmish can ensue, both stop in their tracks before they lock up to compliment one another’s suits of armor. In fact, one exchange seems to suggest that the villain – or, rather, both men – would be willing to call off the fight if he could convince his team to stand down. With neither one seeing that as a possibility for any of them, that is when they decide to begrudgingly fight despite how impressed they are with each other’s suits of armor.
Iron Man’s Foes Agree: This Might Be His Best Suit
In many ways, this sets in stone how this new armor actually might be Tony’s best Iron Man armor. If not, then it most certainly has to be an upgrade from his classic armor. In just half of a year’s time, Iron Man has shown how the armor produces physical feats that his last armor wasn’t capable of. But for his armor to be so impressive that even his enemies have to stop to give kudos helps elevate it to a whole ‘nother level. Tony’s Mark Nil Iron Man armor is rightfully here to stay for the long run.


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