Jannik Sinner Gives a Sneak Peak Into His Mindset in an Unapologetic Take On His Profession


Italian tennis star Jannik Sinner has quickly established himself as one of the successors of the ‘Big Three’ in recent years. From the moment he stepped into the ATP Tour, the tennis world has seen his powerful baseline game and never-say-die attitude on the court. Now, the Italian star has finally opened up about why he continues to strive for perfection. He revealed that his motivation to play the sport goes beyond achieving financial success or trophies.
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In a recent interview, the world number 4 opened up on what truly drives him to keep pushing his limits every time he steps on the court.
Jannik Sinner’s love for tennis transcends financial success
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Since turning professional in 2018, Sinner has risen up the rankings at a rapid pace. Within four years, he has broken into the top 10, won 10 ATP titles, and reached two Grand Slam quarterfinals and a semifinal. His breakthrough season came in 2021 when he won his first ATP 500 title in Washington and reached a career-high ranking of number 4. However, for Sinner, personal achievements have never been the primary focus.
via Reuters Tennis – China Open – National Tennis Center, Beijing, China – October 4, 2023 Italy’s Jannik Sinner reacts during the Men’s Final against Russia’s Daniil Medvedev REUTERS/Florence Lo
“My goal has never been to become the richest player or to have the most titles. I play tennis because I love this sport,” Sinner candidly stated.
He further added, “For tennis, I left home at 13. It gives me positive & negative emotions, joys & sorrows. It gives me everything. My concern is not profit, it is never money. If it were, I would always play. I wouldn’t take breaks. On the contrary, I’m interested in eating well, sleeping the right hours, eating at home whenever I can, & being ready on the court the next morning. Ready to improve. If I don’t play the Masters 1000 in Madrid or the Davis Cup, & I understand that the fans may be upset about it, it’s because I’m in Monte Carlo working my a** off. My goal isn’t to make money. It’s to become the best version of me possible. Number one in the world? Well, we’ll see. Maybe #4 is my limit. I want to find out. And to do that, I have to say no to something, otherwise the season becomes interminable”.
Sinner’s love for tennis was evident from how he took to the sport at a young age in his hometown of San Candido, Italy. He would spend hours practicing against a wall in his free time, fueled by a desire to get better rather than external incentives. However, Sinner has a legendary name in the world of tennis to thank for this outlook.
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Lessons from a legendary name have shown Sinner the way!
Sinner cited his relationship with the former world No. 1 and 1995 French Open champion Thomas Muster as an influence. “Thomas always told me to play for the joy and not think about results or money. That has stayed with me and is why I still have the same passion even after some success,” he remarked in the same interview. Muster’s advice has clearly resonated with the Italian star, shaping his mindset.
In prioritizing the love of tennis above material goals, Sinner is a refreshing reminder of why most players pick up a racket in the first place – for the joy of competition. As he continues to scale new heights in the game, his passion for it will be key to overcoming challenges. Sinner’s attitude sets the right example for youngsters to pursue sport for its own sake rather than external factors. With such a mindset, the Italian seems destined for further success in the years to come.
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