Joey Logano: “It Hurts” Amidst Failure to Capitalize on Ford’s Smashing NASCAR Rebound


Ever since Ford unveiled its new body at the end of last year, expectations about its racing prowess were hiked. Yet even as the 2024 season kicked off, the scenario turned out to be bleak for the Dark Horse riders. Chevrolet dominated the winning podiums, with Toyota trailing a little behind. As for Ford, it has not been able to dominate the tracks as much as it would want to. However, now the OEM seems to be catching up, with Team Penske Ford driver Joey Logano finally regaining momentum with a P2.
Wrecks or faulty pit strategies have marred Logano’s fate over the last seven races. Like other Ford drives, the No 22 Mustang Dark Horse driver took time to wrap his head around the new car. Yet Richmond showed that he did his homework.
Joey Logano is not satisfied with his Richmond showdown
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Rain-filled clouds shrouded the race at Richmond Raceway, and wet patches glimmered in the dusk hues. However, NASCAR authorities were prepared for Mother Nature’s whims. The wet weather tires, churned out by Goodyear, were evidently put to good use. At the end of the day, people were happy that the race was not postponed. Yet Team Penske’s star driver donned a glum face.
Talking to Frontstretch, Joey Logano said: “Yeah, it feels good and it doesn’t at the same time. It feels good to be in contention to win the race. It hurts to be that close and not to capitalize on it.” He further observed: “You know, we had a good long-run car and we were trying to run down the 19 before the caution. Just we didn’t exit pit road.”
Dale’s broken
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Joey Logano came dangerously close to toppling a powerful JGR driver in the pursuit of glory. Martin Truex Jr dominated the race with his superb tire management skills, and Logano stayed close at his heels. However, another JGR driver, Denny Hamlin, appeared in the final stage with a pit advantage and stole their leads.
Yet Logano did not hesitate to credit his team. “Paul gave me a great car, everyone did a great job preparing this show in the Mustang, and gave me something I can win with if we could get to the lead.” He further said: “Guys been great all year long, and just had an off day there. Everything’s gotta click at the same time to win this thing, and we just didn’t quite get it.”
Besides pit difficulties and close calls, Joey Logano faced another hurdle in his shot for the win at Richmond Raceway.
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Logano’s tires also gave away in the moment of truth
Right when you believe that beating a single contender is the only thorn in your path to success, another thorn pricks up from nowhere. That is how Joey Logano must have felt while battling Martin Truex Jr. The two were locked in a fight until the fifth and final caution. It was then that Hamlin bested both with an extremely efficient pit crew. Besides that close call, Logano also spun his tires, stomping any hope of catching his long-awaited 33rd career victory.
“Not once (Denny) cleared (Martin). I had a chance. I didn’t get a good enough restart,” Logano explained. “I really wanted to pressure them down into one and force them to work up Truex, but I spun my tires there just trying to stay with them and that ultimately cost me to be close enough to do something.”
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Even though Logano made a close scrape with Victory Lane, it is clear that the Team Penske driver will have to wait a bit more before he finally get tht elusive win.


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