Joey Logano Reveals the Most Annoying and Gut-Wrenching Part of Working With Netflix


It’s that time of the year, people. The 2024 NASCAR season is all set to be flagged off and rush us into an excited frenzy. However, this year is unique compared to other years. The first ever Netflix docuseries ‘NASCAR: Full Speed’ was released just over a week back. Its sole intention was to spread the American racing impact globally and to prep fans for a thrilling season ahead. The docudrama has done an amazing job of elevating fans’ expectations to astronomical levels. However, its reception among drivers has been shaky.
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Some racers who were filmed have commended Netflix’s efforts to boost the brand image of NASCAR and themselves. But others like Joey Logano have bashed some of their actions, calling them intrusive.
Nosy filming techniques irk Joey Logano
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Celebrities bask in fame, wealth, and glory, but at what cost? Film crews make their private lives public and show them to the masses for minting money. But one has to draw the line at some point. This is the line of argument that Joey Logano took recently in a SiriusXM NASCAR Radio broadcast.
He said that he controlled himself when the cameras were on him at the 2023 playoffs. He said, “Now these cameras are still there. And I am obviously mad because season’s over right?… All I wanna do is tell them to shut these cameras off, I’ve had enough. But I know if I say something, that’s the clip they want. That is the money clip…So I’m walking back, trying to stay calm.”
Then Logano shared a funny story about how the camera crew was being intrusive. He said,“I walk up there in the hallway, they follow me into the hallway…then I’m trying to get undressed, and at that point I’m like, okay guys, that’s gonna be the line. You’re not gonna watch me get undressed you know, it’s not that type of show, okay?”
This is not the first time Joey Logano has voiced his concerns regarding Netflix’s unorthodox filming practices. He was definitely not okay with retelling his misfortunes on camera. “I didn’t like reliving getting knocked out of the playoffs. That part really s**ked, but I get they have to do that.”
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Logano also did not like the invasion of his home and family privacy. “I don’t know if I feel really comfortable doing that just from a privacy and safety standpoint. At the race track, everything was fine.”
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Joey Logano did not mince words while bashing the production crew of ‘NASCAR: Full Speed’. However, the other stars of the show have different opinions.
Contrary to Joey Logano, other drivers enjoyed the Netflix docuseries
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Joey Logano may be camera-sensitive, but the other racers filmed by Netflix love the display. Denny Hamlin was arguably the protagonist of the show, as he allowed maximum screen time. The cameras zoomed into his deepest corners- his motorhome at the track, team meetings, his home, and his car. Answering criticism that he was “overexposed,” Hamlin said, “No one had the editing rights except for Netflix, and they are ultimately the ones who put out the stories they thought were compelling.”
Similarly, William Byron also believes the extra coverage is good for his career. He shared that the show helped him gain 1000 followers within 24 hours of the debut. “I think they did a really good job capturing the intensity of the final few races and did a really good job in production, in general.”
Reigning champion Ryan Blaney also had commendations for the show producers. He said, “I thought they did a good job of mixing the racing side with the personality side and showing what goes into it- the ups and downs.”
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Well, not everybody is as bold and upright as Joey Logano and we respect him for that. His bold qualities shine on the racetrack as well, and we are waiting to watch the stellar performance he is going to give in the 2024 races.
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