Justin Thomas’ Ryder Cup pick elicits insane Colt Knost ‘tattoo’ bet


Let the Ryder Cup shenanigans begin. The event doesn’t start until Sept. 29 at Marco Simone Golf Club in Rome, but that didn’t stop fans from making wagers.
Justin Thomas was one of the six Ryder Cup captain’s picks made by Zach Johnson on Tuesday, and it caused some interesting reactions. CBS Sports reporter and former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost loved the Thomas pick.
However, some fans were not as thrilled, which birthed a bet between Knost and the fan @YungKuch on Twitter.
User @ProCaddieCoach snagged screenshots of the interaction.
“Lots of people debating the JT pick! The dude is a beast,” Knost initially tweeted. “16-5-3 in team competition. Look over at the other side, Ian Poulter has been a captain’s pick in his last 4 Ryder Cups! Didn’t make it on points, and no one ever questioned it! Why? Because he is a beast in team events!!!”
The Twitter user commented on that Tweet and told Knost, “Let’s make a bet that JT doesn’t record one point for Team USA.”
Knost responded, “Name it.” That tweet is when things get interesting between the two.
“If JT doesn’t record a FULL point, you have to get me a round at TPC Sawgrass,” the user wrote. “If he does record a full point, I’ll get his name or your name tattooed.”
Knost didn’t back down from the bet.
“Hahahaha, this just got fun! You have a bet,” Knost agreed with the user. “But I also get to pick where the tattoo goes! Won’t be on face.”
Knost then asked the Twitter universe where he should have this fan place the tattoo.


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