Katie Boulter Ditches Boyfriend Alex De Minaur for Roger Federer in Hilarious Response to a Dream Tennis Question


During a podcast episode that explored the imaginative world of dream dinner parties, the host asked British tennis player Katie Boulter a lighthearted but insightful question. If she could invite anyone from the ATP world to her dinner party, who would it be? Her comment created a wave of fun and laughter on the subject. This is because she talked about inviting tennis superstar Roger Federer to her ideal dinner party instead of her boyfriend Alex de Minaur.
Katie Boulter and Alex de Minaur are among the power couples in the tennis world right now. Even though they are openly in love, Boulter likes to keep things private. However, in a lighthearted moment during the podcast, she jokingly abandoned her boyfriend to invite the Swiss Maestro to her dream dinner party.
Katie Boulter explains why she prefers Roger Federer over De Minaur as her dinner party guest
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Along with her skill on the court, Katie Boulter often humorously deals with questions regarding her boyfriend, Alex De Minaur. In one segment of the podcast, “Sky Sports Tennis,” she was asked who would be invited to her ideal tennis-related dinner party. Boulter mentioned names like Francis Tiafoe and Aryna Sabalenka. However, the most significant name among them was Roger Federer. “I am going to go Federer for ATP”, she said, skipping over de Minaur.
Calling Federer a “legend” as well as the most handsome player, Boulter has never shied from voicing out her admiration for Federer. When cross-questioned as to why her boyfriend would not be invited, she candidly said, “Why would I?” with a laugh.
While Boulter’s choice was a playful joke, it undoubtedly adds a humorous twist to her admiration for Roger Federer. She further explained her choice and said, “You gotta have contrasting personalities. It kinda makes it fun.”
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Although de Minaur is not her choice as the guest of her dinner party, he will always be the person with whom Boulter wants to be stuck on an island.
Boulter chooses Alex de Minaur if she gets stranded on an island
The 27-year-old British player had an amazing win at the San Diego Open earlier this year. During a post-match interview, she was asked who she would choose to be stranded with on an island. Without a second doubt, Boulter immediately declared, “My boyfriend, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend.” Fans and followers burst out with laughter at her response. Her boyfriend was there to witness her victory at the San Diego Open, which made it more special for her.
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Boulter and De Minaur started dating in 2020. Since then, they have frequently been spotted supporting each other at various events. Although sometimes they both like to pull each other’s leg, their on-court and off-court partnership is a display of their deep love for each other.


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