Khamzat Chimaev’s ‘dangerous recipe’ Forces Robert Whittaker To Test ‘hype’ Of Undefeated UFC Star


The combat world remains excited for the upcoming clash between Robert Whittaker and Khamzat Chimaev. While the fight is touted to be one of the biggest events UFC will stage this year, Kiwi-fame Whittaker has outlined the strategy he will employ against his opponent.
On June 22, for the inaugural UFC card, the two fighters will face off against each in a number 1, middleweight contender fight. Earlier, UFC’s president, Dana White announced the highly stacked card, while also expressing his anticipation for the headliner, that many have been seeking for a while now. Will it be as heated as fans expect? Whittaker’s plan suggests so.
Can Khamzat Chimaev stand the wrath of Robert Whittaker?
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In an exclusive interview with “Mighty” Demetrious Johnson, ‘The Reaper’ spoke elaborately on his plans for the much-awaited showdown against his Russian opponent. The fighter underscored his desire to see if Khamzat is worth the hype he receives. How will he test that? He notes a well-devised strategy for the same.
Whittaker, who holds a fighting record of record 26-07-06 noted, “I’m gonna go in there with the speed advantage and striking advantage. [Khamzat] can force the wrestling on people, and I think it’s going to be a little harder to force the wrestling on me.”
He further added, “[Khamzat] goes out there with undoubted confidence. That makes a very dangerous recipe… but if it gets shaken then you don’t know which way the cards are gonna fall.” “I’m looking forward to testing that, to see how big the hype is,” he declared.
Khamzat Chimaev competes for the first time since defeating former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in a levelled showdown in October last year. With a stainless record of 13-0, he holds seven consecutive wins in the UFC. However, when he fights Whittaker in June, he will face the hardest challenge of his career. Is he prepared for that?
Retired UFC middleweight, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller revealed his expectations for the dramatic showdown.
Heart with one, Wallet with the other
Speaking to renowned MMA reporter, Helen Yee, Miller communicated his take on the upcoming octogen face-off. In a simple quote, he underscored the premise on which the two fighters will clash. He noted, “That’s a tough one. It’s one of those where my heart’s with Whittaker. But my wallet might be with Chimaev.”
Miller might be leaning towards Chimaev in this upcoming bout. Acknowledging Chimaev’s potential, Miller’s stance suggests a slight edge for the rising star over Whittaker, aka ‘The Reaper.’ However, Whittaker’s track record speaks volumes. Time and again, he’s silenced his critics with stellar performances. It’s evident that on June 23, Whittaker won’t accept anything less than a win.
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Who do you side with for this showdown? Take your picks in the comments section below.


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