Kyle Larson Spills Beans on Rick Hendrick’s Grand Plans for HMS Fortress


Where would Hendrick Motorsports stand today had it not been for their first historic win at Martinsville back in 1984? At the time, owner Mr. H had decided to shut down his venture “All-Star Racing,” and he had conveyed this message to his crew chief Harry Hyde, and driver Geoff Bodine. However, fate had different plans for the team, and Bodine went on to deliver the organization’s first-ever NASCAR win. A win that paved the way for the most dominant team in the history of the sport.
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Fast forward to 2024 years, and the organization now has 14 Cup Series championships, the tag of the winningest team in NASCAR, and several records to its name. However, the 2024 season is a special one, as they are celebrating their 40th anniversary. The Martinsville Speedway has already made all the preparations for the team’s return to the racetrack where it all began, and Kyle Larson is just taken aback by how the HMS theme has taken over the speedway.
The importance of the Martinsville race for Hendrick Motorsports and Mr. H
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Martinsville has been a good hunting ground for the HMS drivers over the years, apart from the historic win by Bodine in 1984. In fact, they are the most dominant team on the Virginia short race track with 28 Cup wins, which is the most by any team. So it was a given that their return to the venue would be special. One that is touted to be an elevating experience by the track president, Clay Campbell.
Larson did get his win at Martinsville last year, but going into this season’s race, there’s a different feeling altogether for the entire Hendrick Motorsports camp. Sharing his sentiment on the occasion, he said, “I think you understand that not that there’s more pressure when you go there but the meaning behind winning there it just means more to this organization than it would to any other team, rightfully so. I’m excited to kind of get there a few weeks and you know Hendricks taking over the facility.”
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Interestingly, all four HMS drivers have won at Martinsville. It’s the only track where all four drivers share a win with the team. Going into next month’s event, Kyle Larson is hoping that one of the drivers could make the day even more joyous with a win. He said, “It’s going to be a lot of fun, and hopefully one of us four can have a really good race and get a win there on the special day.”
While the race car drivers and the teams are hard at work to continue their legacy, there are a ton of different changes Hendrick Motorsports and the Martinsville Speedway will bring to elevate the experience on the day.
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Here’s how the race at Martinsville will be special for the fans to witness
The biggest change that the Hendrick Motorsports team is making to commemorate their 40th-anniversary celebration is rolling out the new paint schemes at the Martinsville race. All four HMS cars will be draped in sport ruby-red paint schemes. “It’s always been a special color to me. To be able to unveil these cars is pretty special.” Mr. H said.
Moreover, Mr. H will be driving the pace car just before the start of the race. Whereas, Geoff Bodine and Jeff Gordon will take up the role of the grand marshal in delivering the iconic words to kick-start the race. “The things we are going to do on race weekend, when fans arrive on property, they are going to know it’s Hendrick’s 40th anniversary. We are excited to partner with them and do what we can to elevate that experience. It’s going to be a weekend to remember,” said Clay Campbell, Martinsville Speedway president.
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Given the hype and promise that is building around the event, it does promise to be a show for the Hendrick Motorsports fans to enjoy when NASCAR Cup Series racing returns to Martinsville on April 7.


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